Surfing: an Amazing Workout

Instead of working out inside a closed environment, how about trying something different? Some fresh air, hair blowing in the wind, and the beach as the main scenario. Sound good? If you take some surfing lessons you will definitely have all these combined plus a lot of fun and fewer calories! Surfing for basically one

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Surf School to the Olympics!

With surfing now included in the vast array of Summer Olympic contests, the sport is becoming more recognized than ever before. Learning to surf and developing a foundation of the fundamentals at an early age could pave the way for anyone to work their way to the highest level of international competition. Pacific Surf School

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All Day Surf and Skate Camp!

Does your grom need a week of stoking out in the water and tearing it up in a brand new skatepark? Pacific Surf School is now offering an all-new camp this summer! All Day Surf and Skate Camp provides attention from professional instructors of both sports. Improve in two board sports on the same day

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Surf instructors at Pacific Surf School teaching young kid how to surf

Join the Pacific Surf Afterschool Surf Team

Your favorite surf coaches are now offering an afterschool program for stoked groms looking to get the most out of their time surfing! Pacific Surf School is looking to build up the future generation of surfers by offering professional sessions with our top instructors. Whether you are a grom looking to advance your skillset for

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Beginner Pop-up Surfing Techniques

After receiving several requests for an in-depth explanation on how I will teach the pop-up to those who have never been on a surfboard before, I am finally divulging. I have touched on the pop-up technique before, but this will focus on the movements not yet written out in previous articles. This six-step method is

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How To Turn a Longboard: Beginner Surfing

One frequent question asked by students during a lesson is how they can turn their surfboards. Turning is typically a more intermediate skill that can take time to learn and understand. I will break down the fundamental steps that initiate a surfboard to turn in the water and encourage anyone learning the skill to remain

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Surf Camp in Nicaragua

Surfers around the world are in constant search of less crowded waters with some epic surf to hone their skills. Nicaragua offers exactly this with its multitude of easier inner reef breaks for surfers improving their abilities, as well as some incredible outer reef breaks that can challenge even the most adept surfers. Beach Breaks

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Person stretching on the beach before going surfing

Why Do We Separate Surf and Swimming Zones?

Lifeguards at the city beaches in California designate certain areas of each beach for surfing and swimming. With each in their separate area. There are several reasons for this separation, but each reason is to improve the safety of beachgoers both with and without a surfboard in the water. When learning surfing you will want

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Achieve Your Surfing Goals

Surfing is an ever evolving sport. Every week highlights come out of surfers performing new tricks and maneuvers never seen before. With the limitless potential to improve, learning to surf enters people into a joyful and fulfilling lifelong pursuit. Surfing offers an individual an endless sensation of achievement. Like any sport, passing milestones feels incredible

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Why Do We Surf?

If you have tried surfing already, you are well aware of the adrenaline rush experienced while riding a wave. At its core, surfing is to be a fun activity offering endorphin release through exercise and overcoming the senses of fear and uncertainty that accompany each wave. Whatever your pleasure, surfing provides a joyous outlet. After

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