What Time of the Year is Best for a Surfing Lesson

Here in sunny San Diego, there is rarely a time when taking a surf lesson will not be an awesome experience. Depending on your skill level, your physical condition, and your nerve, however, certain times of the year may offer more fun for some individuals.

The summer days in Pacific Beach are unmatched when it comes to the excitement on the beach. There are crowds of people from all over the world enjoying the warm weather and the crystal clear blue water. More often than not, the waves in the summer are calm and easy to learn surfing. If you are looking for chill vibes, warm water, and less intensity while learning to surf the summertime is your best bet!

The fall season here in San Diego is what has come to be known as local summer. By October most of the tourists have cruised back to their homelands, leaving the beaches somewhat vacant while the weather is still gorgeous for anyone that sticks around. There is usually a bit more energy in the water during this time of the year so be prepared for a decent workout if you’re looking to take a surfing lesson during the Autumn months.

Wintertime in San Diego still offers plenty of an opportunity to learn surfing. Although the beaches are rarely packed with people, the lineup is just as busy with surfers. This time of the year provides a lot of energy so get yourself ready to handle strong currents and a good amount of moving water.

The spring is an awesome time to learn surfing as the water begins to warm up and the waves still have some power from the winter. Spring breakers will cover the beach providing a friendly atmosphere.

Learning to surf a wave is a magical experience and I urge anyone considering a lesson to sign themselves up no matter what time of year works for them.

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