Great Beach Breaks to Learn Surfing in Southern California

California has amazing places for you to learn how to surf or improve your surfing skills. In this article, you will find some of the best places to surf.

But, before we enter our list, you should know that a great beginner and intermediate surf spot are represented by soft waves and sandy bottoms that create constant and rolling waves.

San Diego

San Diego is a place that seems was built for surfing. With mostly sunny days, constant waves, and friendly people, its beaches are great spots for beginners, intermediate, and even advanced surfers who want to have the Californian experience.

Pacific Beach or PB, as it is called, is the perfect spot for that initial experience with soft and mushy waves, great for kids and adults that are learning. Closer to the Crystal Pier you can find bigger and more lined-up waves for more experienced surfers.

La Jolla Shores is also a beach break with reliable and predictable waves, which makes this place very popular for beginners. With a beautiful setting, it is an excellent place for surf lessons.

Ocean Beach is also a famous place to learn how to surf with great waves for beginners. Although, if you are looking for excitement you can surf next to the pier where more challenging waves are.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles County has over 70 miles of Pacific Coastline. With so many famous surfing spots for all level surfers, three of them stand out, Venice Beach, Santa Monica Beach, and Manhattan Beach.

One of the most iconic places in Los Angeles, Venice Beach is well-known for the surf/skate culture combined with artists displaying their incredible street art in the boardwalk. Besides all the culture, Venice also offers mellow rides that are perfect for beginners.

Santa Monica Beach is absolutely one of the most well-known and famous beaches in LA. With its remarkable Ferris Wheel, it is also a popular beach break for beginners all year long. The beach has frequent and easy waves to get to.

Manhattan Beach is a solid place for surfers of all levels. With consistent waves on an open beach break, you can count on great weather throughout the year. It is also the closest beach to the LAX airport, which is a great opportunity to enjoy surfing while on a short trip to LA.

Pacific Surf School is present in all of those locations for surf lessons. Enjoy the experience of surfing in California with the best San Diego surf school.

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