How Beginner Surfers Can Develop Confidence

Surfing has become romanticized in American culture, and it is no wonder why. The idea of spending hours at the beach soaking up sunlight and cruising down a slide made entirely of water appeals to a wide array of individuals. For this reason, we see new faces in the line-up each day, reminding us all of where we started when we learned how to surf. Most surfers will be friendly with everyone out in the water but take warning as some surfers are less forgiving if anyone gets into their way on a wave. This article provides several tips for beginners to appear confident every time they surf.

What Equipment Should I be Using at First?

We start here because the equipment is typically the first mistake anyone will make when they start surfing. Whatever the reason, too many individuals will attempt to surf a board too small and difficult for them to balance. Albeit a good challenge, this impedes developing solid fundamental skills, which are the foundation of surfing. Surf lessons typically provide wider longboards to their students to ease the learning process. Keep in mind while selecting a surfboard, increased length improves paddling, and increased width helps us maintain balance. 

Where Should I Surf if I am a Beginner?

Paddling out into a crowded line-up can be intimidating to individuals at all levels, especially for those new to surfing. Here is the good news, waves break all along the California coast. Meaning if you are new to the sport, you do not have to position yourself next to surfers with more experience. Crowds typically gather in areas where better waves are breaking. If you are learning how to surf, however, these areas may not offer much help. Start yourself in a location with which you are familiar and comfortable. 

What to Know Before You Go

For an experienced surfer, spotting a beginner surfer is often effortless. We distinguish the mannerisms and how one carries their board. Seeing the leash strapped up to a surfer’s ankle in the parking lot is an obvious sign. The best advice for someone who wants to “look the part” is to observe a more experienced individual. You will seldom catch a proficient surfer looking awkward or unsure of themselves while preparing or in the water.

Set Your Goals. Know Your Limits. 

Not every surfer will experience an overhead barrel in their lifetime. Every surfer will experience the rush of their first wave. Even the most skillful surfer seen in the line-up is learning something with each session. We are a community developed by our united passion for the ocean and the endless pleasure it brings. Understanding the conditions you are comfortable paddling out in will keep you and everyone around you safe. Determining what you hope to achieve through surfing will pave the path for your success. 

Remember, the reason any of us get wet is to enjoy ourselves. If you’re new to surfing, keep it light. Pacific Surf provides surf lessons for beginner and intermediate surfers. Contact us with any questions and, we would be more than happy to assist you with your surfing development.  

Written/developed by Caleb Dollof

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