Can You Learn To Surf From Youtube?

The internet is a useful tool to anyone that seeks guidance for improving their surfing. Youtube has countless demonstrative and explanatory surfing videos to help answer questions beginner surfers usually have. Although these videos offer some knowledge, I would argue that no matter how many Youtube videos you watch, there is no amount of information that can surpass what you will gain from learning surfing with a certified instructor.

Many lessons I have given in the past begin with individuals telling me their previous experience with surfing. More often than not, students will consider practicing what they have learned from instructional videos meaningful practice. Lets make it clear, student’s efforts are always welcome and some of the developers creating these videos do a great job. But, many mistakes often occur when learning fundamental techniques from an online instructional.

Most importantly, when learning something new online, there is no way to receive feedback on the skills practiced. Hands-on instruction such as surf lessons will provide the student someone to point out and correct the errors a new surfer may not be aware of making. In surfing, the smallest intricacies your body makes on top of the board will make an enormous difference in maintaining balance and achieving a smooth ride.

Safety and ocean awareness are two points of information often missed in Youtube explanations as well. Each year, the amount of individuals who drown outnumbers those victims to shark attacks ten to one, and that usually happens due to lack of information. Having a certified Water Safety Specialist surf instructor will eliminate the risk of being overwhelmed by outgoing currents and harsh energy in the ocean.

The path to improve is always a long one, but having an instructor or even a coach can make your skills grow exponentially. With a professional you can absorb knowledge that every surfer requires but, can rarely find researching themselves.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning to surf or improving their ability as a surfer, please reach out to us either through our website, or send us an email at We look forward to seeing you in the water!

As always, stay safe and stay stoked!

Written by Caleb Dolloff
Image from Free-Photos by Pixabay

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