Great Things To Do When You Can’t Go Surfing

We, from Pacific Surf, miss the ocean and if you live in a city like San Diego we bet you miss it too. During this crisis, it is important to maintain a healthy mind and body and never stop improving and making plans. After all, at some point, the world will go back to normal and you’ll have wished you used your time more productively. 

Here are some things that you can do to pass the time and stay active during this lockdown:

#1 Learn to Meditate

If you haven’t tried meditating yet you should definitely do it. It is proven that meditating can improve your quality of life, lower anxiety and increase your level of endorphins, which is a natural analgesic that stimulates the feeling of well-being, and boost your humor. 

Learning to meditate is not an easy task and often people stop trying because they are trying to control their bodies and “not think”. Our suggestion is to download an app to help you with a guided meditation. It will make the beginning process easier and more enjoyable. 

Click here to access a list of the best meditating apps, but from them, we recommend Headspace and Calm. We tried and we approve those two.

#2 Create a Workout Routine

This health crisis certainly changed the workout routine for everyone. All gyms are closed, the beach is also closed for visitation and almost all hiking trails as well. But, this doesn’t mean that you should stop doing exercises. It is a fact that exercising helps us maintain a sane mind and body, so create your own daily routine. We can still go outside and maintain social distancing, so, if you like to jog or run just make it a daily thing. There are also great apps that can help you with that. For example, for the ones who like yoga we recommend DownDog. You have the option of creating a routine based on your preferences. This app is usually paid but they made it for free until May 1st to help people during this crisis. 

#3 Watch a Surf Movie

There is also the moment to stay inside and enjoy your time. Surfing movies develop a thrill inside of us that makes us want to go out there and do something great. Here is a list of our recommendation based on the best surf movies of all time.

  • The Endless Summer
  • Big Wednesday
  • North Shore
  • Point Break
  • Riding Giants
  • Momentum
  • Young Guns
  • Andy Irons: Kissed by God

#4 Learn a New Language and Plan a Trip

Travelling is one of the best gifts we can have in life. For people that love surfing and want to learn, a trip is a great way to create amazing and unforgettable moments. This is the time you have to plan a trip for when the pandemic is over and learn a new language. 

If you like paradisiac places and love or want to learn surfing we recommend Nicaragua. It is this amazing, touched by God, place. 

Also, you have the time and availability to learn a new language for your trip. Once again we recommend an app. Duolingo is a famous app to learn new languages and it helped a lot of people learning this new skill. 

When this pandemic is over we invite you to enjoy surfing with us in one of our surf locations and celebrate life. Come learn how to surf with us and meet a new place. 

Stay safe and stay well!

Photo by processingly on Unsplash

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