Pacific Surf School

Pacific Surf School was founded in Mission Beach, Ca in 1997. A long time vision of surf school guru, Emiliano Abate, Pacific Surf School offers lessons to experienced and inexperience surfers of all ages. With more than 40,000 students taught since 1997, Pacific Surf School is on the fast track to getting the world surfing. The trained instructors and staff guide surfers towards a safer and more talented understanding of the ocean. Pacific Surf School has flourished in the local community with merits and honors awarded. Honored with San Diego’s BEST general interest and recreational school in the readers poll by the San Diego Union Tribune. Pacific Surf Schools sister school Surfer Girls was awarded, COOLEST surf camp in 2007 by the Travel Channel.

It is with the support of the community and patient, caring instructors that we have been able to flourish in such an over crowded surf market. Do not waste time in learning from the rest when you can learn from the best! Pacific Surf School looks forward in meeting you this summer. See you in the water!!!

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