San Diego’s Hidden Surf Gem . Sunset Cliffs

The California coastline is one of the most dreamed about places in the world to surf. And I know California may not have that famous South African reef break or the notorious Hawaiian monstrous waves, but it does have some hidden gems with killer waves with empty lineups. One break you’ll find tucked away in the Southern California’s shoreline is called Sunset Cliffs. This spot is a magical haven of hidden caves and glorious little reef peaks that lead to some beautiful sandy lagoons. Located an hour north of the Mexican border, Sunset Cliffs Beach is a San Diego local’s favorite spot to catch some waves, watch the sunset, and enjoy a beach picnic, just be careful of getting splashed if the swell is pumping!

With over 2 miles long of beach bluffs and panoramic views, Sunset Cliffs produces some glassy barrels when the tide is low and the kelp beds and sandy bottom form the perfect beach break. But sometimes these waves come at a price because let me tell you, walking down to this surf is a journey in itself, part of the reason why this break is so mystical.

So if you have a chance, and if the surf is flat in La Jolla and San Diego, hike down to Sunset Cliffs and surf the lefts (and rights) to the magical bluffs of Sunset Cliffs.

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