Virtual Surf Coaching

With the sport of Surfings growth in popularity, so grows the demand of coaching and training resources to improve our skills as surfers. Surfers of all skill levels, from beginners on their first day, to Gabriel Medina, current world champion, are all seeking to improve their abilities in the water. We as surfers could all benefit from a professional taking time to correct our errors or indicate bad habits we may have developed. Pacific Surf School now offers virtual surf coaching and video analysis to provide top tier training to surfers anywhere in the United States. 

Surfings growth in popularity has much to do with the accessibility of the sport. Anyone living near the ocean can likely find waves nearby, and unlike ski resorts, there’s no lift ticket charges at the beach, making it appealing to anyone interested in the extreme sports. With wave pool technology developing and new pools popping up all over the country, it won’t be long before surfing and surf culture is abundant in each state of the US. Virtual training and film analysis offers experienced coaching to the beginners living in areas where the surf scene is less established. 

For more intermediate/advanced students, virtual surf training will provide an in depth look at each wave surfed. Slowing down the footage to break down each movement and indicate any errors or areas to look for improvement! We work with Coaches who have been in and out of the professional surf scene for much of their lives, and they offer an incredible collection of knowledge to pass along. Pacific Surf Virtual Surf Training program will bring any surfer to the next level!

Our Film Analysis package can work in two ways. We provide the surfing lesson personally to the student and our film expert takes footage to be broken down in a half-hour film session following the lesson. Option two is to send a high quality video file to us at, and book an analysis session. Our coaches will provide a thirty-minute session following the same procedure as if we filmed here ourselves. 

As surfing evolves, our methods of progressing should as well! Book your virtual training session, or film analysis session now at!

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