Surfing In Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is a happening city with an array of beautiful beaches.

Kind sand bottom beach breaks make for excellent options for learning to surf. Pacific Surf School offers the opportunity to take a surfing lesson in several Los Angeles locations. We provide the opportunity to get in the water if you’re in the area!

Manhattan Beach is a beautiful and active community. The beaches line with volleyball courts and wide community bike paths. Also, residents are some of the most easygoing you will find in all of California. The waves are often a great mix of swells that give beginner surfers plenty to ride. After your surf, you can walk the nearby pier for an incredible view!

Another great location: learn surfing in Santa Monica beach. A popular spot to visit in Los Angeles, drawing a large crowd any time of the year. Santa Monica is three miles of beautiful beach-breaking waves. Yet another location for beginners as the waves break evenly, most days of the year. Thus, the local scene is welcoming, and the pier is easily a must-see while spending time in LA.

Venice Beach is has a very colorful and electric vibe with amazing artists and athletes covering the entirety of this Los Angeles beach. The waves in Venice beach offer friendly learning conditions throughout the year with a forgiving sand bottom. The aggressive locals you may have read about have been replaced by eclectic hippies, and you’ll be greeted with positivity by everyone hanging in the area.

Huntington Beach is the surfing Mecca of the United States. Otherwise known as Surf City, USA, Huntington earns its reputation by producing some of the best surfers both in skill and personality. The lineup is always friendly and inviting. The waves are great for developing and sharpening surf skills. Enjoy the surf heavy culture and some eye-catching scenery in this area!

Surfing in Southern California is an amazing experience that should make your to-do list. Los Angeles is the largest city in California and one of the greatest tourist destinations in the United States. Check it out and get on a surfboard with us!

Photo by Corey Buckley on Unsplash

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