Shark Sightings in SoCal

Shark sightings.. oh boy. I am writing this post in response to the recent news about shark sightings in Southern California and the ridiculous fear that seems to be spreading among beach goers. I am here to tell you that sharks are NOT a problem. I think it is very important to remind people every now and then that the oceans are the sharks home, not ours. We were made for the land and the use of the ocean is a privilege we often lose sight of. My next point I hope you all read twice. The sharks have always been there we just haven’t always been able to see them. The world today is overflowing with new technology that seems to be interrupting the peace of many activities we have taken for granted. For example, the use of drones over beaches to some may seem a breach of privacy. Drones are now flying over the beaches and over the water monitoring all activity. Granted yes this does have it’s benefits for people’s safety. But now everyone can see video of the shark migrations and not everyone realizes it’s nothing different than the last few hundred years. Only thing is now we have video.

As a surfer myself I have had my “shark concerns” and there have been a few times after watching a convincing news report I questioned going for my morning surf but the reality is that it is so so unlikely to see or encounter a shark in San Diego you are really only hurting yourself by not going out. I’m sure you’ve all heard the lines that “you’re more likely to be struck by lightening than be attacked by a shark” or “you’re more likely to be hit by a comet or asteroid than be attacked by a shark”. Well, they aren’t wrong. We need sharks. With the amount of trash and pollution we throw into our ocean we would not be able to surf let alone swim if it weren’t for the “garbage men of the sea” helping us out.

All of this being said, your should always be aware of beach signs that lifeguards put up. If there has been an attack lifeguards often close the beach for a certain amount of time and it is wise to follow their warnings and recommendations.

Overall people, don’t live your life in fear. There are too many wonderful activities these days that people miss out on enjoying because of irrational fears. Don’t put yourself in that category. Live your life to the fullest! And don’t let a fear of sharks keep you from surfing the best ride of your life

Photo by Nariman Mesharrafa on Unsplash

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