What To Do In Your San Diego Vacation

With its tropical climate all year round, San Diego is one of the most popular vacation spots for tourists all over the world and offers plenty of activities you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Here are some of what to do in your San Diego vacation:

Surfing Lessons

Southern California is viewed by many tourists and locals as the most ideal location in the US to learn show to surf because of its wide selection of beaches, surf schools and camps that are easily accessible.

As many have discovered and experienced, surfing is not just a sport — it’s also a lifestyle! It is one of the most enjoyable activities that you can learn in the water and there is no better place to start than San Diego County.

Leaning how to surf is going to help you build endurance and strength as you improve your surfing skills. It may seem that you’re only learning to position yourself on the board as you go through the waves. But, the methods you learn will help you develop muscular, cardiovascular, and core strength.

Stand Up Paddling at Mission Bay

Even if you are familiarized with water activities in the ocean, stand up paddling offers a whole new set of dynamics and variables that prone paddle surfers are not fully experienced with.

Lessons are an excellent way to get introduced to SUP and this gives everyone the opportunity to learn. SUP can pose as a challenge, but when you pick up you can have a great time paddling. The best way to learn SUP is to check out a Mission Bay Stand Up Paddle that offers paddling lessons.

Mission Bay is one of the sports you can’t miss when in San Diego, it is a great place to walk or skate on the boardwalk and it provides a great view of the sunset.

Visiting the Harbor

San Diego has a beautiful harbor. Tourists and locals are always welcome to visit The Harbor with its guided excursion and cruises. Another worth visiting is The Maritime Museum, which has the 4 historic sea vessels including a real Cold War-era Soviet submarine, the “HMS Surprise” (featured in the film Master and Commander), and “The Star of India” (one of the oldest working sail ships in the world).

Ocean Beach

One of the ideal destinations for when you’re on a vacation — and want to immerse in good, local fun in San Diego is Ocean Beach.

Ocean Beach mostly has small, independent businesses, being Newport Avenue as its main business area. Plenty of has a number of family-owned businesses, some have started back in the 1930s: cafes, restaurants, bars, bookstores, bakeries, and more.

Even now that Ocean Beach has larger stores, the local businesses still thrive and have become hype places for the tourists. Places that even the locals hang out, dine, and shop.

For events, The OB Street Fair still continues to this day. On Wednesdays along Newport Avenue, the street is closed to traffic to hold the OB Farmer’s Market.

Balboa Park

There’s more to do on your San Diego vacation! Visit Balboa Park, the nation’s largest urban cultural park. This park is home to 17 major museums, renowned performing arts venues, beautiful gardens, and world-famous San Diego Zoo.

The establishment sitting at a vast location, Balboa Park is one of the most famous and most visited parks in California and a must-see tourist spot on your San Diego vacation. Situated just blocks away from downtown San Diego hotels, Balboa Park has a rich history that is amplified through its magnificent architecture, cultural events, and thought-provoking exhibits throughout the year.

La Jolla Seals

When visiting San Diego, make sure you put La Jolla on your list. Bring your family and kids and explore La Jolla Cove where you can watch the seals. This place is open all year round. Meanwhile, Casa Beach or the (Children’s Pool) is closed from the fifteenth of December up the fifteenth of May to protect the newly-born seal pups.

Watch the amazing, beautiful seals in the Cove’s rocky settings from a distance — you might even witness a whelping seal! If you don’t see any seals on the Cove’s sandy beach, look towards the Seal Rock, where seals mostly hang out.

Normally, seals are seen on the rock during the early sundown, after they have gone out in search of food. To see them closely, a kayak tour is recommended, as it goes right by most of the spots where they are.

The Children’s Pool is another excellent place to visit the Pacific Ocean wildlife. The surrounding waters are safeguarded as a wildlife reserve and underwater park. Full-on constraints are made to maintain the safety of all marine life within the reserve.

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