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Surfing Courses, Lessons and Surf Camps. Pacific Surf School Pacific Beach has shaped thousands of surfers and nourished both their skill and love for surfing!





  • 2-3 People - 1 Instructor
  • 90 Minutes
  • All Equipment Included ; Surfboard, Wetsuit, SPF 50 Rashguard, and Leash
  • CPR, Lifeguard and Water Safety Certified Instructors
  • Guaranteed to stand up by the end of your lesson


  • 4-5 students to 1 Instructor
  • 90 Minutes
  • All Equipment Included- Surfboard, Rashguard, Wetsuit and Leash  (Just bring a towel, sunblock, and water)
  • CPR, Lifeguard and Water Safety Certified Instructors
  • Great for families and friends wanting to learn how to surf together
  • Guaranteed to stand up by the end of your lesson
Why choose Pacific Surf School?

Pacific Surf is the leading surf school around the world with our headquarters based in San Diego. We teach surfing lessons in many different surf locations and our top priority is providing the best surfing experience.
We have instructors from all over the world that are surf experts. They are all trained with Water Safety Courses, with over a thousand 5 stars reviews and coached to teach to all ages, specialized in beginners and intermediate students.

How do I book surf lessons?

You can book the surf lessons in our store in Pacific Beach and over the phone, but if you already figured out what surfing lesson you want and when you want to go surfing the easiest way is booking it online through our website.

How long is the surf lesson and what is included?

All of our surf lessons are one and a half hours. The surfboard, wetsuit, leash and rash guard are already included.
The lesson starts with land lesson in which the surfing instructor explains about the safety, board information as dynamics and dimensions, what to do and not to do and your stand on the board. After that you enter the water with your surfing instructor to try the real thing, he will help place the board in the correct position and give you pointers.
A private surf lesson is a one-on-one lesson, which means a instructor just for you and more wave time. If your goal is really learning to surf and making it a habit, this is the best option.
A semi-private surf lesson means an instructor for a small group of two to three people. This is a great option if you want to learn how to stand up and have some fun!
A group surf lesson is an instructor for four to five people. You would be with a small group, which can make it a more fun experience!

What should I wear?

When you arrive for your surf lesson we will provide you with a wetsuit, so you just need whatever you would wear when going to the beach. Boardshorts or swimsuits for men, and bikinis or swimsuits for women.

Where do I go first for my surf lesson in Pacific Beach?

First you need go to our store location at 4121 Mission Blv. When you get there one member of our staff you have you will sign a waiver, indicate your surf instructor and give you a rash guard.
After, they will show you the way to the beach where our tents and instructors are, just a block from where we are. After meeting your instructor, he or she will give you a wetsuit and board and you are ready to start the lesson and catch some waves!

Where can I park in Pacific Beach?

There is plenty of street parking around our location but, during the summer we also have a lot of visitors. You can find some paid parking at Pacific Beach Dr. right by the beach.

Which beach is better?

We recommend Pacific Beach as one of the best location options in San Diego. Pacific Beach is a great beach break! The way the beach is positioned makes the swell, coming from Baja, the most consistent in San Diego.


The atmosphere here is informal but yet, full of energy and fun things to do. Basically, it is the perfect scenario if you are asking yourself where to learn to surf in San Diego. PB, short for Pacific Beach, is a neighborhood full of everything. Great beaches, all flavors restaurants, a lot of shops and definitely, a lot of people strolling around. 

The young vibe comes along and makes it flawless to take your first surfing classes. Being in one of the most popular San Diego beaches alone already brings that feeling of joy and you won’t want to miss it.  Pacific Beach Surf Lessons is right there at the beach directly in front of the Blue Sea Hotel, at the very end of Pacific Beach Drive. 

To explore, biking is one of the best and pleasant ways to see the neighborhood. Bike rental shops are all over the place. Garnet Avenue is where all the fun stuff is. Tons of food, drinks, clothes and surf shops on every block. Two very recommended spots to kill some cravings after your private surf lessons are the Pacific Beach Fish Shop – for a fresh caught of the day any style you want and less than half mile away you can make your own custom ice cream sandwich at Baked Bear.

Where to stay

Not only the feeling is casual, but also most of the hotels have that same ambiance. The seaside vibe can be easily found in the ones closest to the boardwalk. The Blue Sea Beach Hotel l is the perfect place if you are looking for something beachy and a priceless sunset.


There is a lot of parking in the residential streets off Pacific Beach Drive as well as free parking all up and down Mission Boulevard. There is also a paid parking structure across the street from our surfing school called the Promenade Parking.  If none of these work you can always valet your car for $7 at World Famous Restaurant directly in front of our surf School.  In any case, we always recommend giving yourself some extra time to figure all this out before you arrive for your California surf experience! 



For the last 20 years, Pacific Surf School San Diego have developed a range of services and lessons targeting all types of surfers: high levels and beginners, women, children, tourists, parents or just beach lovers. We provide the best instructions in the world!

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Check out our programs to see what works best for you and come out and enjoy the waves with us!


Life is a Wave

Why do so many people love surfing? Simply put, because it’s awesome! To Pacific Surf School La Jolla Surfing Lessons, surfing is more than just a sport – it’s a way of life!

Pacific Surf School in San Diego is happy to open up a whole new world of opportunities for ocean lovers by giving surfing classes and lessons at La Jolla Shores to passionate surfers of all ages. We offer surfing lessons in La Jolla Shores, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach, and you can choose the type and dynamics that work best for you – private, semi-private or group lessons.

Kids are simply crazy about our camp in San Diego! We give surfing lessons for beginner and intermediate kid surfers. At our surf school San Diego, with our fantastic surfing lessons, we make surfing a fun activity for the whole family!

Learn to shred waves and enjoy the ocean with the Pacific Surf School in San Diego that has produced over 200,000 surfers since 1997.

We provide all of the surfing equipment, support and protection needed to emerge a great surfer. All you need to bring is enthusiasm! See you at the beach!

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We look forward to seeing you SURFING with us SOON!