How to Care for Your Wetsuit

As a surfer, a wetsuit can be my lifeline out in the water on a cold dawn patrol session in the fall or winter. Even at times during the summer when we feel the cool upwelling roll through the lineup, a warm wetsuit is crucial. Wetsuit care can seem tedious and menial at times, but it makes all the difference after six or seven months of wear and tear. 

Wetsuits should be washed frequently, and ideally after every time it’s worn. Typically sand is unavoidable, and leaving your wetsuit to dry with grains of sand all throughout it will drain life from the suit. This is when little pulls and tears occur that deteriorate the lining and stitching of the suit. Once the wetsuit gets a hole, it’s game over. 

Leaving a suit out to dry in the sun is also incredibly harmful to the neoprene material. Wetsuits need to be stored in a cool dry area. Beyond the colors fading, the wetsuit will slowly begin to lose flexibility and become stiff if left in the sun to dry too frequently. Hang your suit inside out somewhere in the shade after rinsing it off to keep the wetty fresh. 

Be sure not to hang your wetsuit by the shoulders as it will cause the suit to stretch out as it dries over time. Fold your suit in half and hang over the rung of the hanger this way so your wetsuits shoulders do not blow out. Once a wetsuit begins to blow out, more water will filter through against your skin as you move. This can be very cold and uncomfortable to surf once it starts. 

Rinsing a wetsuit can prevent a blown out wetsuit as well. Rinsing all of the sand and salt out of a newer suit will keep it snug and warm. Maintaining comfort while you’re surfing is crucial to optimize performance. Rinsing with a wetsuit cleansing solution can keep your suit smelling free of pee for a very long time!

Care for your wetsuit, adore your surfboard, stoke out on surfing with us here at Pacific Surf!

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