How to Overcome the Fear of Surfing

It is okay and natural to feel scared or anxious about surfing. It’s in human nature to be scared of something we’ve never done before, be it climbing a mountain or taking on the waves.

A large number of students who come to us are afraid of taking their first step but with the right training and motivation, they end up ruling the waves. If you’re struggling to get started or finding it difficult to overcome your fear of surfing, then check out these tips:

#1 Prepare in Advance

Most learners are afraid of entering the waters because they do not know how to swim. The waves can be unpredictable and the best way to know the ocean is to learn to swim. You do not need to be a professional swimmer to start surfing, but for you to feel comfortable in the water it is essential that you know the basics of swimming.

#2 Start Small

Sticking to the basics until you’re comfortable enough is the way to go, practicing the basics is what will make you a good surfer. The first step is to be comfortable and to learn to balance the surfboard.

#3 Professional Lessons

Surf schools exist for a reason, since surfing is a hard sport to learn knowing the basics and positions can go a long way. Learning to surf around people who are experts will motivate you to continue to put your best foot forward and help you get over your fears. Plus, an instructor will guide you and ensure you’re safe.

#4 Watch Others

It may be a good idea to watch others at work and how they do it. You can visit a surf beach, attend a school or check surfing events out on television.

#5 Ask Questions and Clear Doubts

If you have unanswered questions that are making you feel anxious you can put your doubts to rest and get them answered. It will be easier to overcome your fears once you have a clear mind.

#6 Use The Right Gear

As odd as it may sound, people are more likely to get over their fears if they have the right gear. It’s the same as starting to learn to ride a bike. Wearing a helmet makes you feel protected and pushing you to learn despite your fears. Hence, getting a surfboard that suits you well is essential.

#7 Start Or You’d  Never Get Over Your Fear

You will never get over your fears until you learn, so be brave, jump the bandwagon and give it a try.

Do not let your fears hold you back. Get in touch with Pacific Surf today to start your first lesson.

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