One Way Ticket to Waco

Yes you read that right, Waco. Not to be mistake with the notorious Kelly Slater’s “Wave Co.” As of last week, there seems to be another player in the mix for man-made surf pools. Now being call the BSR Surf Resort located in Waco Texas, spearheaded by Stuart Parsons, the owner of Barefoot Surf Ranch, this pool is the newest beast in the manmade surfing food chain.

With their quite possibly ingenious idea to release the promo video for this new pool the day before the Founder’s Cup held at the infamous Kelly Slater Surf Ranch, the guys behind the BSR Surf Resort are claiming imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Cheyne Magnusson, one of the designers and first dudes to surf this pool states that they were merely “taking a note out of Kelly’s playbook” and just creating another made-surfing pool that is so very different than Kelly’s. 

BSR Surf Ranch was built to create a completely different wave than the one in Lemoore. While Kelly’s wave is perfect for a team format with longer waves perfect for competitions like the Founder’s Cup that was held there last weekend, the Surf Resort is made for more of an air show. 2 people can be riding waves in every set opening up to some incredible air sections, allowing for a much different ride than that at the Ranch. Parsons states that “there is no upstaging Kelly’s Pool, ours is just a different wave.”

Starting at $60 per hour to ride, the BSR Surf Resort is once again changing the sport of surfing, and it’s “perfect 365 days of the year, 3 wave sets all day long” states one of the Surf Resort’s designers and pro surfer Jamie O’Brien. So book your ticket to Texas where you might just have the ride of your life.

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