Three Most Commonly Asked Questions About a Surfing Lesson

If it is your first time surfing, I’m sure you have endless questions about what is going to happen. If you don’t have any questions yet, believe me, you will. I am hoping to ease some confusion and possible misconceptions that may exist with your upcoming surfing lesson. 

  1. Is it scary to surf? Sometimes you will experience a brief moment of fear when you are out in the water. Usually, this is short-lived and quickly overcome with a tingling feeling. This tingle moves from your heart to the tips of your toes. It’s an exciting feeling we as surfers come to know as “stoke!” 
  2. Are there sharks? To give you a short answer, yes you are Surfing in the Ocean. During a surfing lesson, you can be almost certain that you won’t run into any. Learning to surf is most often done in the shallow water, where an adult can stand with their head above water. Sharks like to stick to deeper and colder waters. 
  3. Should you tip your surfing instructor? Yes, please. Even though we enjoy our jobs immensely, teaching multiple lessons can be demanding on the body. Your surfing instructor powers through enormous fatigue with a smile on their face to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Like any other service industry position, surfing instructors rely on tips to make up a majority of their income. If you have a good time, we highly encourage you to leave a tip for your instructor. 

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