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Give and Surf. Our family here at Pacific Surf would like to introduce our blog readers to another local business in San Diego, Sagan Life LLC who has embarked on a journey with the Give and Surf Non Profit Organization to help children in Panama. Their mission is to empower the local communities of Bocos del Toro, Panama through education and community development by providing them access to clean, life-saving water. Sagan Life LLC and Give and Surf have created a joint initiative known as: Save a Life: One Bottle. One Child. One Life.

First I would like to give a little Background on Sagan Life LLC. Sagan Life LLC, as a company, is committed to providing clean, pure, healthy drinking water to everyone for everyday use in addition to emergency and survival situations. Their water filters are absolute and stand by their results. All Sagan water filters have been independently tested and certified by qualified water laboratories. In addition, all Sagan products are uniquely and innovatively engineered and manufactured of the highest grade materials to ensure optimal testing results. Best of all they are located right here in San Diego.

Now let’s take a look at a serious problem going on in the world. Their is an overwhelming number of people living in Bocas del Toro, Panama that do not have access to clean drinking water. This is due to water contamination from nearby farms, bathroom facilities, and stagnant water. These water sources commonly contain bacteria and parasites which are the cause of serious illness and other related health problems for these children. Records show that young children in this area have died due to the contaminated water. After researching the area, it seems as though there is no option for these people to access clean drinking water other than through water filters. Sagan is providing this simple solution to help save the lives of these impoverished children. I can’t think  of a better gift to give than the gift of living, saving, clean drinking water. It is something most of us do not have to even think about, but for the communities in Panama, it is an everyday health threat and can be life threatening.

Sagan Life is passionate about saving the lives of children by giving them access to clean water. Your donation of One Journey Water Filter Bottle may save the life of a child. You can make a difference today: One Bottle. One Child. One Life… at a time. Each donation of $30 will provide One Child, one Journey filtered water bottle which provides clean water for up to a year! What an amazing gift! Any donation amount is greatly appreciated.

We here at Pacific Surf School have decided to help Sagan promote the Give and Surf campaign! If you or any of your friends or family can spare a few moments and visit their websites to see what they are all about and hopefully donate we would really appreciate it!

Give and Surf website:

Campaign website:


Pacific Surf Team

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