All Day Surf and Skate Camp!

Does your grom need a week of stoking out in the water and tearing it up in a brand new skatepark? Pacific Surf School is now offering an all-new camp this summer! All Day Surf and Skate Camp provides attention from professional instructors of both sports. Improve in two board sports on the same day gaining comfort in the ocean as well as on four wheels!

Pacific Surf School’s All Day Surf and Skate Camp gives you the same experience as a morning surf camp in the morning, with the additional skate session each day. Surf campers who attend Monday through Friday are awarded a surfing certification, a Pacific Surf t-shirt, and a pizza party on Friday. This is all still included for All Day Surf and Skate Campers!

Belmont Park here in Mission Beach San Diego developed a brand new skatepark. Pacific Surf is authorized to provide skate instruction here at the new facility. Our Coaches are all experienced surfers and skaters, and they are determined to mold the next generation of hybrid board athletes. Skating in Southern California has always been synonymous with surfing. Give your grom the full experience with this new camp from Pacific Surf School!

This is a unique opportunity for the kiddos all summer long! Pacific Surf Camps are running through September this year. Book your child’s camp reservation as soon as possible!

Instagram: @pacificsurfsandiego

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