Top 7 Reasons To Try Surfing

The pandemic was a kick in the pants for a lot of people. They realized that they hated their jobs, didn’t want to be surgically attached to Netflix, or wanted more. Some realized all of the above. That’s why so many people chose to learn to surf during the pandemic, and more are learning every day.

If you’re considering going to a surf school in San Diego, but you’re not convinced, we’ve listed 7 of the most compelling reasons to try surfing. Of course, these are just a small section, but they’re the reasons that have us sprinting for the waves.

1. Learn More Than Just How to Surf

An excellent surf camp is worth its weight in gold. The best surf lessons in San Diego teach you more than just surfing; you also learn about tides, swells, surf breaks, and swimming techniques. Also, learn more about the ocean and surf culture.

2. Culture

Surfing has a culture and subcultures all its own. From what can sometimes feel like a different language entirely to a different attitude about life and nature, you enter a completely different community when you learn surfing. Even driving along the coast, you’ll find a wide variety of subcultures from beach to beach.

3. Great Exercise

Instead of going to a workout class to have a trainer yell at you, surfing is a thrilling exercise that works out your entire body. From your arms that paddle you out to your core and legs that help you stay standing on the board, your whole body gets a workout. 

The mix of high-intensity paddling with lower intensity muscle work is excellent interval training, a cardio workout that will have you sweating around the smile on your face. (Best part: you don’t notice the sweat because of all the other saltwater)

4. Great Mental Exercise

Not only is surfing a new skill that takes time to master, but it’s also more intelligent than people realize. Being able to scan the waves and see the differences in swells and learn more about the ocean is a great way to keep your mind sharp.

5. Meditative

For a tremendous solo sport, learn surfing. It’s you, your board, and the ocean. The repetitive nature of paddling out before gliding back in is a great stress reliever. You can declutter your mind, soaking in the sun and waves.

6. Surf Vacations

Because you can go surfing on almost every continent, there are many fantastic and exciting places to visit as a surfer. An entire subset of hotels has arisen around surfing, allowing you to find great places to vacation while you surf.

7. Fun

Standing on a wave feels a little like flying. Feeling the ocean under you and moving with the waves lets you get fit and have fun.

Learn Surfing Today!

Take advantage of the challenge, fun, and adventure surfing offers. Try surfing to see all the benefits it has to offer you. By choosing the best surf school in San Diego, you don’t only learn to surf. You also give yourself a lifetime obsession that brings you health, friends, and well-

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