COVID-19’s Impact on Ocean Activity and Surf Lessons

As the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, intensifies, the list of businesses forced to close in compliance with pandemic guidelines is rapidly expanding. A first in our lifetime, many Americans find themselves working remotely or unemployed, and restrictions on social activities leave many looking for new and creative ways to fill their free moments. Many have chosen to pursue new passions and focus on personal development. Surfing is the perfect sport that combines passion and personal growth. With the current pandemic, however, many individuals must consider the risks to which these new passions will expose them to potential infection. 

Oceans and beaches provide opportunities for healthy activities in a low-risk environment

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has made several statements regarding the spread of coronavirus on beaches and in oceans. According to these health professionals, the risks involved while spending time at the beach and in the water are determined by how people gather in these spaces. Enjoying activities in and around the ocean can be worry-free so long as social distancing standards of 6-feet between individuals of separate households are observed. When going out to surf with peers or even when taking a surf lesson, open environments such as the beach and the ocean, present low probability of contracting the virus.

Social Distancing is easily practiced while surfing

For those who are going stir crazy at home or just want to experience a new and exciting way to exercise, surfing provides just the remedy. Given that it is an individual sport, surfing is already one of the best options for anyone concerned about social distancing. With countless waves breaking all around our shores every moment of every day, there is little excuse to ignore distancing guidelines.

Getting started with beginner surf lessons

Every surfer is a beginner to the sport at one time in their careers. Learning to surf on your own is feasible, however, like many challenges having some guidance can make all the difference in the experience. In Southern California, for example, the virus has caused the shut down of all gyms and weight rooms designating surfing as one of the few options for exercise. All the better, surf lessons in San Diego are currently available and able to meet social distancing standards. 

Using and caring for our beaches is a great way to build community during challenging times

In ways unique to each of us, virtually every member of our community has been affected by the virus. Though we may not hug or join hands with friends and loved ones, the healing effect of the ocean and the sense of togetherness it provides to those at its shores is at its strongest. Taking care of boardwalks, beaches, and ocean waters merits our attention. Just as these amenities provide endless opportunities for enjoyment, keeping them maintained is what ultimately enriches our community. 

If you have any doubts, grab a surfboard and a towel, get to a beach nearby, and see what all the stoke is about!

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