Reasons to Try Surfing in San Diego

California is one of the few meccas of surfing worldwide. If you’ve heard of surfing in California, then surfing in San Diego comes to mind. With beautiful beaches and breaks for all levels of surfing, learning to surf in San Diego is one of the smartest choices you can ever make.

Are you still wondering if you should try out surfing in San Deigo and go on a coastal adventure? Check out our guide below on the reasons why you should jump into the surf today!

Pleasant Weather

The biggest reason to try surfing in San Diego as a beginner is a mild climate it has throughout the year. The weather at the coldest time ranges between 55-70 degrees F. 

This temperature is suitable for surfing and you won’t be put off that it’s too cold. A wetsuit is always a good idea to have when you are surfing but you won’t need a very thick one for the mild California winter. This will make paddling easier and provide added comfort in the water, especially when you are starting out. 

Bear in mind that the rainy season starts in November, make sure you plan your trip for September and October. While the rest of the country is preparing for a chilly winter, you can be out there enjoying pleasant weather, with fewer crowds in the lineup. 

Plenty to Do Around Town

Of course, surfing is your main focus, and getting in as many sick barrels as you can. While you aren’t surfing you still need some downtime and San Diego doesn’t disappoint with things to do, even in the off-peak tourist season

There are many fall, winter, and Christmas festivals and concerts around to enjoy. You can even attend the odd sporting event if you are interested in other sporting codes.

Not that into concerts and prefer a more laid-back approach? San Diego can accommodate you with long walks on the beach, maybe some beach yoga? or you can read books at the abundance of local coffee shops. The nightlife in San Diego can be great if you are looking for a night in the town.

Vast Number of Beautiful Beaches

One of the main reasons people surf is because they get to visit some of the world’s best beaches and in San Diego, you get no shortage of world-class beaches. There is nothing better than after your morning surf, relaxing on a beautiful beach, gathering some energy, and returning back to the ocean for another session. 

This sort of approach will help you spiritually and mentally, with your body being far healthier because of it. The best beaches in San Diego can be found below:

Each beach is different from the other and to get the true San Diego cultural experience, visiting each and everyone should be high on your to-do list!

Perfect Surfing Waves

The wintertime in San Diego is when you will find the best waves to surf. You can always find the best waves suited to your surfing level as there is such a vast variety of beaches and breaks for you to choose from. 

You can get big swells and waves during this period, so you need to be wise and not try and surf a break that is above your skill level as the ocean always has the last laugh. 

If you are only beginning your surfing career the best beginner breaks can be found below:

  • Tourmaline Beach, South County
  • La Jolla Shores, South County
  • San Elijo State Beach, North County
  • Pacific Beach 
  • Mission Beach
  • Dog Beach, Ocean Beach
  • 15th Street Del Mar

You will have to continuously monitor the swell and wind direction, as some of these spots will turn into intermediate surf spots when the swell gets big. To make this easier use a surfing app such as Magic Seaweed, where you can get real-time surf data and manage the days that are surfable and rest on the days that the surf is too big and strong.

For the more adventurous, intermediate-to-advanced surfers looking for the very best breaks that San Diego has to offer, they can be found below:

  • Oceanside
  • Blacks Beach 
  • Tamarack Surf Beach
  • Sunset Cliffs
  • South Bay
  • Windansea
  • Ralphs, Point Loma
  • Lower Trestles

No Winter Crowds While Surfing in San Diego

Once the summer boom is over, the crowds dwindle down for the winter. This means that there will be fewer surfers in the water and fewer people on the beach. If you don’t enjoy the hustle and bustle of the busy tourist season, then winter is the perfect time for you to visit and get in the water.

Best Surfing Schools

Do you want to get serious and learn the best surfing techniques in the world? Then, San Diego is the right place to go with world-renowned surfing schools all over the place.

Surfing schools don’t only cater to people starting out, they can teach even the most advanced surfer a thing or two. Lately, surfing schools offer a recording of your surfed wave, where they review the footage and give you valuable advice, to take your surfing to the next level. 

For the very best surfing school, we advise you to check out Pacific surf, where they have taught many great surfers before and will continue to do so in the future.

No Holiday, Like a Surfing Holiday

Focusing on surfing holidays will allow you to visit some of the most scenic and beautiful places that the ocean and the world have to offer. With so many reasons to go surfing in San Diego, booking your holiday over there should be the next thing that you do!

Are you looking for some great exercise in San Diego? Never tried to surf before but you are keen? Contact us today and book your next surfing lesson!

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