Who We Are

Pacific Surf School San Diego was founded in Mission Beach, Ca in 1997
Pacific Surf School

A little history about how Pacific Surf School was born.

Created through the realization of a long-time vision of creating a surf school to teach everyone from all walks of the world how to surf. The formerly professional surfer and ocean lover Emiliano Abate opened the doors of Pacific Surf School in 1997 with a unique vision. San Diego surf lessons offers surf lessons to beginner and intermediate surfers alike. With more than 200,000 students taught since 1997, Pacific Surf School is on the fast track to teaching the world to surf through private and group surf lessons. Our team of passionate expert instructors teach students the way of the ocean in a fun and safe environment. Guaranteeing each student to catch a wave by the end of their lesson, or their next lesson is free!

We’ll teach you everything you need to know during your 90 minute surf lesson including, paddling techniques, basic surfing equipment, ocean safety, surf etiquette, passing the break, how to pop up on a surfboard, and even how to ride your own wave!
Our Mission and Philosophy

Many people have always wanted to surf. But don’t know how to start; the equipment, the ocean, the other surfers as well as the complexity of surfing may be very daunting to the uninitiated. But when properly shown how, a lot of the initial frustration can be avoided. Surfing is an activity that everyone can enjoy at their own level. Many of our students have taken only one or two lessons, become addicted to surfing. Bought their own board and wetsuit and never looked back! Others enjoy the personal attention and group atmosphere of lessons and come weekly to surf with their new surfing buddies.

Pacific Surf has successfully formed surfers and introduced thousands of people into the world of surfing and exposed them to its benefits of spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. Whatever your goals, surfing is challenging, fun, and a great way to keep fit and meet new people. Deciding to learn to surf is guaranteed to open up a whole new way of life for you!


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The Founder
Emiliano Abate

He is truly a dedicated surfer, has competed professionally for over 23 years as well as traveled and surfed around the world. His love for the ocean and surfing has brought him to do what he truly loves to do, teach.

The old cliché that surfers are beach bums does not apply to Emiliano, who has dedicated his life to surfing and has made a successful, international business out of it due to his background in international commerce relations, business administration and a professional surfing career. His diversification and joint partnerships with other groups and individuals has brought Pacific Surf School to an international level.

A master instructor and member of ISA (international surfing association), USLA (united states life saving association).

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