Surfing for Kids and Teenagers

Kids and teenagers love new experiences that challenge them! Surfing can be a great adventure for them. The most interesting thing about surfing for kids is the improvement of skills and competences as a result of the sport, mainly focused on balance and laterality.

Before trying the sport, it is essential to make sure your kid has an interest in trying surfing. The acceptance will certainly be easier if the kid is already familiar with the beach and the ocean. It is important to always invest in activities that put your child outdoors and try innovative sports.

Surf lessons for children start with the main focus of teaching surfing techniques in shallow waves, in addition to promoting ocean and environment awareness. Boys and girls over 5 years old can start thinking about surfing, but it is desirable that the child already knows how to swim or is learning. And you don’t have to worry about the boards! Instructors at Pacific Surf School are equipped with the equipment for the lesson.

Surf schools have different options to get kids and teenagers stoked on surfing. For example, Pacific Surf School offer surf lessons, surf camp, and afterschool program. All lessons start at the beach, instructors guide students with surfing techniques, and only after learning them, they will enter the sea. For surf camp and afterschool programs, we take things a little further. With a complete program, we engage kids and teenagers into the surfing lifestyle.

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