Benefits of a Private Surf Lesson

Surfing lessons are always going to make for a fun experience!

Grabbing a surfboard and jumping into the water with some friends will bring smiles and joy to everyone no matter the skill level. Here at Pacific Surf, we encourage beginners to get themselves into surf lessons to develop fundamental skills. For those who want to get the most out of their experience, a private surf lesson is highly recommended.

Group surf lessons are intended to get friends and family together for a fun session in the water-filled with cheers for one another and hilarious wipeouts. If you are more serious about learning to surf and plan to continue surfing, a group lesson may not be most appropriate for you.

Any lesson taken with other individuals will take attention away from your surfing. Instructors are trained to maintain up to five surfers in any given lesson, but keeping track of five people in the water will significantly reduce the time spent coaching each person. You will receive much more constructive feedback in a one-o-one surfing lesson.

The amount of waves you will surf in a group lesson are also lessened due to the other people in the lesson with you. Even if you are working on paddling into waves independently, it helps to have an instructor observing your technique and assisting with board alignment. Every student will find they improve quickly with this kind of focus from a surfing instructor.

If you are interested in beginning your surfing career or looking to improve on the skills you have already developed, reserve a surfing lesson with us at one of our many locations!

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