8 Reasons to Believe that Surfing Improves Humanity

If you are a surfer today, without a doubt, you are sure that sport and lifestyle transform lives every day, for the better. We can list a bunch of reasons why your life is better with surfing, but this time we would like to draw attention to why surfing is good, not only for you but for humanity as a whole.
With more than 15 years in the surf market, Zach Weisberg wrote an article in The Huffington Post, which we think deserved to be shared and commented on. Based on what he listed as the main reasons for surfing to improve humanity, we created this content for you to reflect.

1) You will be more concerned with the planet because you will know it better.

When was the last time you were attentive to the weather? And the last time you were concerned with information like the time for the sunrise, sunset, high tide, or low tide? No matter how disinterested a common surfer is, he will have to worry at some point about the infinite variables that contribute to perfect waves, which are natural events. So, through this intimate connection between man and nature, the surfer becomes much more concerned with the Earth than an ordinary citizen.

2) It will make you happier!

Sun is good for the soul! Sunlight is really good for humanity. Did you know that 18 million Americans suffer from depression because they don’t get enough sunlight in their bodies? Of course, excessive sunlight also causes 3.5 million cases of skin cancer. But if you protect yourself well, there are more chances that the sun will do you good!

3) It will make you healthier.

In addition to being tanned and happy, your body will benefit from a more active lifestyle. Instead of worrying about burning calories in the gyms of life, you will do your daily exercise quota without even realizing it.

4) You will be more flexible.

In a literal and figurative way. In surfing, the game changes quickly. One hour the waves are perfect, the next minute the wind comes and spoils everything. Your success will depend on your adaptability. You will have to know how to find the best ones and value the minimum you have. Just like in life!

5) It will make you humble.

Think about it, as individuals, we constantly lose the ability to perceive our space on the planet. But, while in the ocean, you will be reminded constantly. The ocean will quickly put you in your place. After riding a big wave, in a few seconds, you will know exactly its size and your part on planet Earth.

6) You will learn the meaning of community.

Few communities are as self-regulating as surfing. Over time, implicit rules have emerged, which were not written anywhere, but which allow everyone to catch waves safely and calmly. Of course, there is a little unfriendly localism left in some parts of the world, but generally speaking, if a surfer works to follow the rules he will mostly get respect in return.

7) You will learn to be more patient.

You won’t always have perfect waves. You will not learn to surf in a week (actually, not even, in a year). Things take time and are out of your control. This reality of accepting things as nature imposes on you will be reflected positively in your life.

8) You will make unexpected friends.

Believe it or not, in some places in Gaza, Israelis and Palestinians surf together. They share waves. They laugh together. They leave aside religious beliefs in order to surf. So, you will undoubtedly have less prejudice when traveling around the world looking for good waves. You will enjoy mixing and being part of the whole.

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