Spring Break Surf Camp

Come and join Pacific Surf School for our San Diego Spring Break Surf Camp beginner to intermediate spring break adventure.

This program is designed for those who want to learn to surf of just surf better.

Our quality instruction, dynamic curriculum, and safety first attitude makes us one of the best learn to surf camps in San Diego. Your child will be able to surf all day along others who will be pushing their surfing limits.  *No experience necessary but must be able to swim.

Our CPR certified and highly qualified surf instructors will be coaching your grom all day not only teaching them how to surf but covering water safety, surf etiquette as well as environmental awareness all in a surf-stoked atmosphere.

Our small groups will ensure your grom gets the most out of their surfing experience while maximizing safety, coaching and fun aspects of our lessons. Enjoyment and safety of surfers are the main priorities here at Pacific Surf School.

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