Surf & other sports: Things Every Sports Fan Need To Know

It is always a good and exciting idea to start a new activity! And there are so many fun options to get you off the couch! For those who live in cities that have beaches, a great tip is surfing! For those who live in a more urban environment, how about getting into skateboards or roller skates? Pacific Surf School has selected some important tips so that those who want to start a new sport, do it successfully!

First of all, get out of your comfort zone!

For starters, it’s no use wanting to face the waves and start surfing regularly, for example, without being physically prepared for it! How about starting some exercises at home to compliment? Skipping rope, or going for a walk or a run are great and practical examples of what to do to get fit!


Also, starting a new sport require persistence and information to learn the correct skills. Therefore, we really recommend lessons. Surfing lessons can teach you the basics to start and not get discouraged.
After you learn the basics you can start practicing on your own. You will realize that some minor pointers can be the difference between falling in love with the sport or just giving up.

Create a Habit

Scientists say that to form a habit you have to do something 21 days – it doesn’t have to be on a row as long as you maintain consistency.
After this time you start missing the activity when you can’t do it regularly. You also get in touch with the best part of the sport, the release of serotonin.

Body protection

That the sun can be a villain to the skin, that is old news! Any sport can harm your body if you are not ready or prepared. Being out in the sun can damage the skin but also running can harm your knee if you don’t have the right gear. So make sure you get whatever you need to protect yourself, may that be sunscreen or proper shoes.

If you wanna learn how to surf and you are visiting or you live in San Diego contact us! We are the best Surf School in San Diego and we will love to have you catching waves with us.

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