Corporate Group Lessons

Let your staff overcome the obstacles of learning to surf together as a team

Have fun while becoming familiar with each other, bonding and experiencing something new and exciting!

We know that your employees are very precious to your company and communication is crucial for a flourishing business. We can help them to increase productivity and reach new goals as individuals open up to each other. Surfing helps to improve self-confidence, focus team direction, and enhance communication skills.

How will surfing help your team?
  •  Participants establish relationships with each other in a fun group environment
  • Participants interact in a unique context, seeing themselves and their partners learn and evolve in a sport
  • Through the relationship with the surf instructors, participants learn things that they can apply in their day-to-day jobs & life:
  • Listen and demonstrate what is being relayed when given direction
  • Appreciate and value the importance of being patient when unfamiliar concepts are explained
  • Learn to trust their instructors / leaders / each other
$98 / Per person

Duration: 1.5 Hours Long
(can be flexible around your work or conference schedule)

Group Size: 8-100 people


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