I’m a beginner/intermediate and I want to travel to a place where I can surf: what to bring?

If you are a beginner and you are already crazy about surfing then you are probably planning your next vacation time on a location where one of your activities can also be surfing.
We have some tips for you! Here you will find the necessary things that you need to bring and do so you have a great trip and worry only about catching waves.

Let’s start with the Essentials

Passport and Visa
Assuming that you are leaving the country, you will need a passport! It might seem obvious but it is very common to see passengers missing flights because they forgot the basics.

Along with the passport, some countries require a Visa. Figure out in advance if you need one or not for the place you are traveling to. It will ruin your trip if you get there and have to turn back.

Plane Ticket
You can either print your plane ticket or have it on your phone. When traveling abroad there is a good chance you won’t get an internet connection, so make sure you print screen your plane ticket, all of them if you have connecting flights.


Travel with a board or no board?

Supposing that you are thinking of taking a surfboard with you, you should check how much the airline charges for it and consider if it is worth it.

If you are a beginner and you are getting a grip of it on a longboard you can probably rent one in the location you are traveling to, longboards in good state are usually easier to find.
You can always rent shortboards but, it is never ideal and it can be risky. If your goal is to travel light it may be worth the risk.

In case you have been surfing for a while, you already have a short surfboard and you are trying to get better using yours, it could be a great experience if you are willing to pay for it.
Assuming you take it with you, make sure you are grabbing the right bag for it. Boards can be easily damaged in transit.

Also, remember to take some extra fins, wax, and leash, and possibly a ding repair kit. It is better to be prepared for any scenario.


We know that the clothing could be very different depending on the location you are traveling to, for example, surfing in Spain in the winter is very different from going to Australia in summer.

Swimsuits and/or boardshorts are always a good idea to have on a surf trip even if you are going to a cold spot. A rashguard is also nice to have, to protect from somewhat cold water or even from the sun.

Wetsuits are absolutely necessary if you are going to a winter spot with cold waters. In case you don’t wear them it can get unbearable in the water.

Also, don’t forget your regular clothes, make sure you pack for the number of days you are staying and anticipate the activities if you are spending a lot of time at the beach, more relaxed clothes if you think about going to bars or clubbing some nicer clothes will also be nice.


In cold or warm weather, sunscreen is indispensable. You can get really bad sunburns from staying a long time in the water with no protection. Sunglasses are also good!

A first aid kit is a good thing to have on any occasion that involves sports. Disinfectant, Band-aids, gauze and ear drops sound like a nice start. You never know if you or one of your friends might need it.

In addition to all of this, don’t forget your phone charger. Remember that some places have different outlets, in that case, check if you need an adapter.

All adventures are different but wherever you go it is a good tip to travel light, this can help you a long way to not overpack and take things that you won’t need.

If you don’t know how to surf yet but get intrigued by the sport we can help you! Pacific Surf School is the Best Surfing School in San Diego, come visit us and take a Surfing Lesson with us, you will be surfing in no time and planning your next trip.

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

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