Learn to Surf during the Winter?

Yes! During the winter we also have surf lessons in San Diego and believe or not, it is probably the best time of the year to learn since the waves are constant and we have better swells.


The Weather is Mild

As a typical winter in California, San Diego’s winter is mild with temperatures averaging from 55 to 70 degrees and sunny days.
The water temperature average is around 60 degrees and up during winter and it can be handled with a wetsuit.
San Diego has visitors throughout the year due to its great weather and beautiful beaches.

No Crowds

San Diego is a famous destination, especially during the summer. The city still gets visitors during fall and winter but is sure dies down. During the winter months, you can still enjoy the California beauty, waves, and sun without crowds.

Beautiful Sunsets

During fall and winter the temperature drops but, we still have mostly sunny days. It rarely rains in San Diego, even during fall and winter, which means that you can enjoy the beauty of famous beaches and its sunsets that drop on the water.

Perfect Waves

Even with colder waters, winter is the best time of the year to learn to surf and improve your skills. The swells have a great formation in the Pacific Ocean during winter, which means better waves to practice and develop surfing skills.

It Regenerates Body and Soul

Have you ever entered the cold ocean? It truly regenerates the body and soul. Doing sports in cold water might not be the most pleasant thing but, it makes you feel lighter and more awake since it boosts your immune system and improves your blood circulation.

San Diego is a perfect destination for those who want to learn how to surf and travel to an amazing location. You will get plenty of beautiful sunny days and learn and practice the art of surfing in bigger waves.

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