11 Best Restaurants In San Diego By The Water

Pacific Beach in San Diego is defined and embodies more than just a beachside community.

In this relaxed neighborhood, there’s a wide selection of restaurants to satisfy almost every craving and San Diego’s dining scene has come a long way in the past years.

Before the PB neighborhood was known mostly for the fish tacos, tater tots and wings you could find at the many lined-up bars in the streets of PB.

Now, you’ll see the additions for some serious food recognition. These restaurants in Pacific Beach aren’t joking when it comes to offering a dining experience you’ll always remember.

After all, PB is PB. Anyone can always stop in for a quick grab of bite in their flip flops and experience excellent service and great food.

Whether you’re craving burgers, steak, tacos, sushi, pizza, or seafood, we’ve gathered what we consider some of the best restaurants in San Diego by the water.


JRDN is synonymous to the Tower23 hotel known for high-end dining with a fancy ocean view, so it’s best to grab something to eat here before you get all exhausted on your journey down the boardwalk. Watch the surfers catch waves as you have a cocktail, oysters and Alaskan king crab and some seafood platter. Also, customize your own mimosa with pineapple mango, blood orange rosemary along with prosecco or cava.

PB Shore Club

If you’re in the mood for staying at the boardwalk to get a good view of the beach while having a good meal, then come to PB Shore Club. It now has an open air rooftop patio, making the ambience all the more wonderful as you and your friends enjoy goblets of their infamous Red Bull vodka after a long day at the beach.

PB Alehouse

Enjoy weekend brunch at PB Alehouse’s rooftop bar with ocean views. Best to visit during the week: all day oysters for only a dollar on Wednesdays, and on Thursdays get your hands on their all-you-can-eat crab starting at 5-10pm.
You can watch an amazing sunset from the rooftop.


The beachfront bar’s cocktails go from easy going, refreshing beverages to ones with spice and spirits. The Waterbar is also known for its shareable fish bowls with spiked sangria, and their signature dishes range from both the West and East Coast including Baja. Enjoy their fish and chips, charred octopus and other seafoods.

Baja Beach Cafe

Come on in at Baja Beach Cafe for breakfast or for their late night happy hour. Baja Beach Cafe’s patio is just perfect for boardwalk view, or perhaps stopping by after surfing. Experience lobster chowder and prime rib specials, and of course, margarita.

Lahaina Beach House

Lahaina Beach House is a boardwalk favorite. If you’re a little wary of crowds and just want to get your drink on, their wooden deck helps suit your mood. A margarita or beer is just what you’ll need, and Lahaina’s is ready to serve that as you watch the beautiful sunset.

Woody’s Breakfast and Burgers – Pacific Beach

Woody’s Breakfast and Burgers is the type of oceanfront restaurant where you’ll likely watch the morning surfers in the distance which makes it one of the best local hang-out places on Pacific Beach. If you’re up for a burger or planning on having breakfast, it’s best to get a seat upstairs for a much better view on the beachside.


Tidal is Mission Bay’s outdoor restaurant that offers neat dining variation of local drinks and seafood. One of the best restaurants in San Diego, there’s nothing better than eating your meal of the day while enjoying the view of the beach and the surfers scrambling about.

El Prez

El Prez’s gourmet tacos are a delight to its customers, both the locals and tourists. Come and taste their famous tacos made only with fresh, local ingredients and served in house-made tortillas. If you’re on the boardwalk and happen to crave for tequila, El Prez has a wide selection for that.


Cannonball has the largest oceanfront rooftop patio located atop Draft in San Diego. Immerse yourself in the visual pleasure of the Pacific while eating sushi and sipping on a delicious cocktail around a fire pit.

Beach House Grill

Beach House Grill offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to plan, design, and host your next private or event. This restaurant is also perfect as a venue for any occasion and can accomodate guests in its 30,000 sq. foot beachfront area. Celebrate the good times with great food and music overlooking the spectacular beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

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Photo by Louise Burton on Unsplash

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