I Want to Start Surfing: Learning, Fitness and Gear

Whatever the reason that leads amateur or professional surfers to start surfing, health reasons, fun, or to hang out with friends, the passion that surf promotes is common to all. It is addicting. If you are not sure if surfing is for you, maybe this article will convince you.

What should be the physical condition of a beginner surfer?

Surfing is a peculiar sport. So many times great athletes who are in excellent physical shape try surfing and end up being beaten up by the ocean. The paddling movement can be especially intense and repetitive, and unlike other sports, it works out muscles that are not usually used.

In the beginning, it is natural for surfers to feel their arms tired. Even if it sounds harsh, to improve you have to surf more and more. The longer the break between the days you surf, the longer it will take for you to be in good physical condition for it.

Anyone can start surfing

There is no age or weight restriction to start. For children, it is essential to have an adult accompanying them at the beginning. For overweight people, it is recommended to choose a compatible board with the appropriate size and flotation.

Many people do not surf because they believe that surfing is a sport restricted to fit people. Jimbo Pellegrine contradicts this theory! The athlete weighs more than 400 pounds and surfs big waves and tubes.

Do I need surfing lessons to learn how to surf?

If you have access to surfing lessons we certainly recommend it, you will learn faster. If not, try to make friends and surf partners, to help you.. Never enter the sea alone, especially if you are starting.
With surfing lessons, you can learn the proper techniques to improve faster.

Practicing out of the water is a great way to improve

Practicing pop up techniques and exercising at the gym can simulate rowing and balance. It will help to evolve your surfing. Do not worry if you are not fit, this should not be a reason to not start or give up. In the beginning, it is a difficult sport for everyone, but the effort is worth it and once you get the hang of it, you will never want to stop!

The only indispensable requirement we recommend before entering the sea is to know the basics of swimming. This way you will be prepared for any eventual emergency in which you are left without the board, and unable to reach the bottom.

How to choose the surfboard for beginners

For beginners, we recommend Funboards and Longboards. These boards are longer, wider, and thicker. Thus, they have more fluctuation, which facilitates the stroke making it yield more. It will be easier to get on the wave and keep your balance when standing.

Along with the evolution of surfing, it is normal to decrease the size of the board. Take your time! Enjoy every minute of nature, have fun, laugh at yourself when you fall, and don’t be ashamed, we’ve all been there. It is common for people to get frustrated when learning takes longer than expected, but be calm. Surfing is not as easy as it looks, but it is something that you take with you for a lifetime. And if so many people succeed and are passionate, just persist that you too will get there.

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