World’s Deadliest Waves

Surfing is not only a beautiful form of art but can also be a deadly sport. Many people forget how powerful the ocean can be. It’s is a terrifyingly beautiful thing. It takes a rare type of person to challenge the ocean especially those who know its capabilities. There are many locations around the world that are known for their deadly attractions. We have put together a list of the top deadliest waves in the world. Enjoy!

Mavericks – Half Moon Bay, California
Mavericks is located in the icy Northern California waters and is challenged by surfers most commonly after a winter storm. Wave heights usually range anywhere from 15ft to 40ft but have been recorded as tall as 80ft. Mavericks waves are formed over an unusual rock formation and is infested with Great White Sharks. The break was once a local secret but has become a much more sought after challenge.

Banzai Pipeline – North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
Pipeline or “pipe” as the locals call it is extremely dangerous but to the razor sharp coral reefs that lay below. The infamous wave break is a challenge to many not only because of the reefs but also because of the huge, thick, curling waves.

Ghost Trees – Pebble Beach in Northern California
Not only is Ghost Trees positioned directly over and around massive rocky boulders, but is also known for the spine chilling presence of Great White Sharks that swim beneath. Wave faces can reach up to 80ft in height. This wave is hands down one of the heaviest and unreliable waves to record.

Teahupo’o – Tahiti, Pacific
Located over a razor sharp coral reef, Teahupo’o has claimed its fame as being the heaviest wave in the world. It’s waves can reach up to 23ft. Teahupo’o is also credited for its consistency in delivering barrel after barrel. Teahupo’o translates to “place of skulls” and has recorded five deaths to date.

Ship Stern Bluff – Tasmania
Also known as “Shippies” or “Devil’s Point”, Ship stern bluff is another wave that makes our list due to its terrifying slabs of water. Ship Stern has been known to be a very unpredictable wave that has provided wipeout after wipeout.

Waimea – North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
Waimea is on our list for a few of its daunting characteristics. Not only does Waimea have a neck breaking shoreline but it’s waves can reach 60ft in height.

A few others worth mentioning:

Dungeons – South African coast near Hout Bay, Cape Town

Ours – New South Wales, Australia

Cyclops – Esperance coast in Western Australia

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