Rise of the Soft Top Surfboard

Surfers are beginning to see soft-top or “foamie” surfboards in the lineup more frequently than ever before. There is an evolution in the sport, many beginner surfers and even more experienced surfers turning to foam boards to catch more waves earlier and deeper than they could with a glass board.

Soft top surfboards have always had several definitive advantages, especially with surfers who are learning how to surf.

One can be identified simply by the name “soft top.” Glass surfboards increase the risk of injury exponentially. The glass deck, along with a nearly razor-sharp fin, or fins, on the underside, can harm a surfer in countless ways.

Soft top surfboards are also much easier to maintain. Like anything made of glass, fiberglass boards can crack and ding easily without delicate care. Repairs to a dinged surfboard can be pricey, and to many budget surfers, the ongoing cost of repairs does not equate to the enjoyment of riding the board. Soft tops can be tossed around like a rag doll and still surf just as well as the day they were purchased.

Beginner surfers will likely be more successful to learn surfing on a soft-top board. Soft top surfboards have more volume than fiberglass boards. They float well, paddle faster, and maintain stability on a wave more so than their fiberglass counterparts. Pacific Surf School provides each surf lesson attendee with a soft-top board for these reasons. A higher wave count and more time on your feet each wave allows for a more fulfilling surf experience.

You can access the Wavestorm website to check out some options of “foamies”.

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