Learn to Surf in Tamarindo!

Pacific Surf School in Costa Rica’s sun-kissed Tamarindo runs surf courses, surf lessons and surf camps year-round so people can learn to surf and improve their surf style in paradise!


San Diego’s award-winning Pacific Surf School makes surf lessons fun and approachable with its passionate team of certified surf instructors in the famous surf town of Tamarindo, Costa Rica!

Whether you want to improve your skills on the board or you want to stand up on a surfboard for the very first time, our private surf lessons, semi-private surf lessons and group surf lessons are the best way to reach your surf aspirations! Learning to surf is a gift that keeps giving, so if you’re ready to join the world of surfers, our passionate surf coaches are ready for you!

All surf equipment is included free with every lesson, so whether you’re bringing your own surf gear or you’re traveling light, we are ready to get you out riding the waves and having fun!

We promise you that as a beginner surfer, you will stand up on the board on your first surf lesson or you’ll get the next lesson for free! Meanwhile, if you’re an advanced surfer, our professional training surf packages and detailed video analysis after the surf will have you stoked and planning your next surf session with full enthusiasm!


ALL EQUIPMENT INCLUDED: Surfboard, Wetsuit, UV Protection, Rash Guard and Leash.


Sun Block, Towel, Water & Great Enthusiasm.


Professional Certified Surf Instructor; CPR and Lifeguard Certified.


1 Lesson - 90 min + All Equipment Included

During this 90 minute one-on-one personalized surf session you will learn to surf in no time with your own professional Water Safety Specialist & CPR Certified Instructor.


1 Lesson - 90 min + All Equipment Included

Perfect for the first time surfer or experienced surfer looking to take their surfing to the next level. During this 90 minutes one-on-one personalized surf session you will learn to surf in no time with your own professional WSS & Lifeguard Certified Instructor.


1 Lesson - 90 min + All Equipment Included

No experience necessary, this is the perfect package to take your surf beyond the basic level. Each lesson is tailored to your specific level guiding you each time to become a more improved surfer.
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Tamarindo is a popular surf spot in the North West of Costa Rica. With decent swell and several surf breaks to choose from, surfers of all descriptions descend on this bustling surf community. Consistent offshore winds and swells mean great surf conditions throughout the year. The beach in Tamarindo’s heart offers great surf conditions for beginners to learn to surf, while the river mouth peak of Estero’s and the reef breaks like Pico Pequeño, Diria and Henry’s attract advanced surfers when the swell is on.


Considered the leading surf school in Southern California, Pacific Surf School, is reaching to new locations around the world.  Our priority is providing the best surfing experience in Tamarindo featuring the same quality service we offer in California.

Our instructors are surf experts from all over the world certified with Water Safety Courses. With over a thousand 5 stars reviews, our coaches teach surfing to all ages, specialized in beginners and intermediate students.

In some of our locations, we partner with the best schools that provide the same kind of high level service in surfing lessons.

If you already figured out what surfing lesson in Tamarindo you want and when you want to go surfing the easiest way is booking it online above on this page.

All surf lessons are one and a half hours. All the equipment if included in the lesson – surfboard, leash and rash guard.

The lesson starts with a land lecture. The surfing instructor will explain about water safety, board dynamics and dimensions, what to do and not to do and your stand on the board. After that you will enter the water with your surfing instructor to try the real thing, he/she will help place the board in the correct position and give you pointers.

Private surf lessons, semi-private surf lessons and group surf lessons

A private surf lesson is a one-on-one lesson, which means an instructor just for you and more wave time. If your goal is really learning to surf and making it a habit, this is the best option.

A semi-private surf lesson means one instructor for a small group of two to three people. This is a great option if you want to learn how to stand up, ride some waves and have some fun!

A group surf lesson is an instructor for four to five people ratio. You would be with a small group, which can make it a more fun experience!

You can wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing when going to the beach: boardshort, swimsuit or bikini.

Make sure you bring a towel, sun screen, and water to hydrate after the lesson. 

Pacific Surf School Inc facilitates the booking of your surf lessons and camp in this location, but a partner surf school will be teaching the lesson. Read the full disclaimer here.


star rating  Great even for a more experienced surfer! - Highly recommend Pacific Surf School! They're one of the very few places that offer more than just beginner lessons. I took four solo lessons on the "outside" with Jack, and... Read More

avatar thumb E C
August 15, 2023

star rating  Great experience for all! - Our instructor, Cole, was friendly, encouraging, and provided us with great instruction - we were first timers! As a group of two adults and 3 teens he was able to... Read More

avatar thumb Sherpa473628
July 31, 2023

star rating  Awesome group activity! - Will, Aidan and Jack were INCREDIBLE. We had a large group - 13 people, ranging in age from 10-50. These guys made sure each participant got individual attention with great... Read More

avatar thumb 907nahidec
August 23, 2023
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Yes, our surf lessons in Tamarindo are absolutely suitable for beginners. Our expert instructors are passionate about teaching everyone, from all levels and backgrounds, how to surf. They make sure students understand the techniques, ocean safety, and etiquette, ensuring a fun, safe, and rewarding surfing experience. Whether it’s your first time on a surfboard or you’re looking to polish your skills, our lessons can certainly cater to your needs.

The ideal time to surf in Tamarindo is between December and April, during the dry season. This is when the winds are offshore, creating perfect waves for both beginners and intermediate surfers alike. However, Tamarindo has consistent waves year-round, making it a great destination for surf lessons at any time.

Tamarindo is known for its consistent waves that accommodate all levels of surfing. For beginners, longboards (also known as “Soft Tops”) are highly recommended because they offer more stability and are easy to paddle, making them perfect for learning how to catch waves. Intermediate to advanced surfers usually go for shortboards or funboards (mid-sized boards) to better manage the larger and faster waves. Ultimately, the type of surfboard you need will depend on your individual surfing skills and wave conditions on the day of your surf lesson. At Pacific Surf School, we provide appropriate equipment according to your skill level during our surf lessons.

At this time, there are no specific restrictions or special regulations for surfing in Tamarindo. However, we always recommend following general surfing etiquette and respecting the local community and environment. This includes not dropping in on other surfers’ waves, helping other surfers if they’re in trouble, and not leaving any trash on the beach. Please note that while there are no specific surfing restrictions, there may be occasional beach closures or safety advisories due to weather or water conditions. Always check with local authorities or your surf instructor for the most current information.

The timeline to learn surfing in Tamarindo can depend on various factors including your fitness level, swimming ability, and natural affinity for the sport. At Pacific Surf School, we usually recommend starting with a 90-minute surf lesson where beginners are often able to experience surfing their first wave. However, becoming proficient in surfing often takes practice over a few weeks, if not longer. The more lessons you take and the more practice you get, the sooner you will become comfortable and skilled in surfing. Remember, everyone’s learning pace is different and the most important thing is to enjoy the process!

We recommend packing sunscreen to protect your skin from the tropical sun, a towel for after your lesson, plenty of water to stay hydrated, and, of course, don’t forget to bring your enthusiasm for surfing! A great attitude goes a long way in mastering this thrilling sport.

Yes, surf lessons in Tamarindo are available for kids. However, please note there is a minimum age requirement of 5 years and the child needs to be able to swim comfortably. We prioritize safety in all our surf lessons and ensure that each student has the skills necessary to start surfing successfully.

While our main focus at Pacific Surf School is to provide excellent surf training, Tamarindo does offer other attractions for visitors. Tamarindo is a thriving tourist destination with activities such as sport fishing, scuba diving, horseback riding, canopy tours, and exploring the wildlife and beauty of nearby national parks. For those who seek relaxation, Tamarindo’s wonderful spas and beaches are perfect for unwinding. There are also plenty of shopping, dining, and nightlife options to make your stay enjoyable. Please note that these additional activities are not covered in the surf lesson fees and would need to be arranged separately.

For detailed information about our cancellation policy for surf lessons in Tamarindo, please refer to our cancellation policy page on our official website: https://www.pacificsurf.com/cancelation-policy/ Here, you’ll find comprehensive details about conditions, timeframes and process for cancellations.

Yes, all our surf instructors in Tamarindo are highly trained and have received their certification as Professional Certified Surf Instructors. Along with this, all instructors are also CPR and Lifeguard Certified, ensuring a safe and secure environment for our students.

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