San Diego Surf School Debunks Surf Myths

Are you thinking about learning how to surf but there are so many opposing views and opinions that you just don’t know what to believe? That’s exactly why we compiled a list of common misconceptions and prejudiced views of surfing and turned them upside down!

Surfers are jobless bums

Aargh, that one. Let’s just pause and really think about what’s wrong with this statement. First of all, surfing doesn’t prevent you from having a job or pursuing any career whatsoever. If you are well-organized (and passionate about surfing), you can hit the beach early in the morning and have an energizing start to your working day (and what an amazing start!). On most days, you can also go surfing after work. This is California; at least here we have plenty of sunshine.

Surfing is not exactly a girls’ sport

There is absolutely no reason anyone should ever believe this. It’s just one of many instances of gender prejudice that are not even protecting women who want to surf, but doing them harm and telling them they are simply not good or skillful enough. Surfing may not be for everyone, but it has nothing to do with being a woman.

Surfing is too dangerous for kids

Sure, if you give them an oversized board and push them into the ocean with nothing but ‘’just don’t go too far’’. Just think about it – when your kids were about 4 years old, learning how to ride a bike, did you buy them a brand new one (without training wheels!) and said ‘’just be home for lunch’’? I hope you didn’t. Everything can be dangerous if you are not trained, or even prepared.

A growing child is by definition more energetic than an average adult, their metabolism is faster and they like to move. Surfing is excellent for kids because it improves their coordination and balance, boosts their self-confidence and overall well-being. With a certified and experienced instructor, kids can enjoy the benefits of surfing just as much as adults do.

Surfing is extremely difficult

When I was 9, I took up piano lessons. It turned out it took almost two years to make my left hand do something right. Sounds difficult? Sure was. But because I loved it so much, I didn’t even think about quitting. When I finally got the hang of it, I enjoyed playing so much and I still do now. The point is, everything is difficult at the beginning and surfing is no exception. It’s new, you know almost nothing about it and your muscles don’t know what to do. Besides, you can’t expect to do an aerial after one week of surf lessons, can you?

There are no rules in surfing

There are rules in everything. Surfing is no different. When you disregard some of these rules, things can get messy. For example, one of the most important things to know is to paddle across a rip if you get caught in one. This is a straightforward (and lifesaving) rule. A slightly less dramatic example, but also an important one, is to stay within the designated surf area if you are surfing on a patrolled beach. There are many more examples, but you get the idea. Surfing is about having fun, but also about learning how to protect yourself and others.

Surfing is reserved for the holiday season

Not in California! Just as adults can surf after work or at weekends, kids can surf after school. Why would it be any different than basketball practice? Oh wait, it is – it’s so much more fun!

You can’t make a career out of surfing

All expert surfers will beg to differ. Who do you think runs surf schools? Definitely not the unemployed surfer stereotype. Surfing is extremely popular in the wider San Diego community, with more and more children and adults learning how to surf. The reason? Reliable, safe and stress-free learning environment. It is exactly those experienced professional surfers willing to share their knowledge that earned the respect of the community and – developed internationally recognized and lucrative businesses.

You have to be athletic to surf

In all honesty, surfing is more about stamina, flexibility and balance, rather than a perfectly carved set of six packs. You should be reasonably fit to get a good start in surfing; otherwise it might just take you a bit longer.

Learn to Surf at the Best San Diego Surf School

With stereotypes and prejudices out of the way, the road is clear for you to take up surfing! Pacific Surf School is a premier San Diego surf school, with more than 200,000 surf students trained since 1997. Our team consists of Water Safety Specialists, CPR & First Aid certified-professionals, all of which have over 6 years of professional experience in forming children and adult surfers. We boast outstanding surf lessons in Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach, as well as extremely popular Surf Camps, After School Surf Programs and Surf N’Stay.

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