Surf Lessons Packages

Each lesson is 90 minutes long.

Pacific Surf School and our team of passionate surf instructors have created this package with you in mind. Our goal is to teach you beyond the basics of surfing with the proper knowledge and building your confidence so you can feel more comfortable catching waves on your own.

We will be coaching you throughout your 4 lessons on proper paddle in-outs, surf etiquette, take off position, riding the waves, controlling the board and more.

You will develop a solid foundation to catch waves on your own and make surfing a constant sport in your life. We guarantee you will be able to see surfing results after your first lesson.


4 LESSONS for the price of 3

All Equipment Included

No experience necessary, this is the perfect package to take your surf beyond the basic level. Each lesson is tailored to your specific level guiding you each time to become a more improved surfer.
$392  $294 PER PERSON


4 LESSONS for the price of 3

All Equipment Included

This package was designed with you in mind. Learning how to surf beyond the basics is amazing when you are experiencing it with a friend, spouse or family member. In this 4 lesson series you will learn more than just the basics of surfing with one of our professional surf instructors.
$320  $240 PER PERSON


4 LESSONS for the price of 3

All Equipment Included

This is the perfect surf package for friends and family members who are looking to develop their surfing skills while having fun and creating lasting memories along the way!
$276  $207 PER PERSON

*No refunds will be given on surf lesson packages after the lessons have started.

Check out all the locations you can surf with us:
Surf Lessons in Los Angeles

Manhattan Beach

Santa Monica Beach

Venice Beach

Surf Lessons in San Diego
(Head Quarters)
Pacific Beach

Mission BEACH

Ocean Beach

La Jolla



Surf Lessons in Los Angeles

Waikiki – Oahu

Lahaina – Maui

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      Erik was our instructor, he was very friendly and easy going. First up, I don’t know swimming. I felt very comfortable despite me not knowing how to swim. I took... read more


      I'm a 41 year old male, never surfed before, and my wife set me up with a private lesson as an anniversary present. We surfed at Mission Beach starting... read more


      Erik was fantastic at teaching myself and my children (12 & 14). My son was quick to learn and was standing up on his second wave, whereas my daughter and... read more

    Cara C

      Took surfing lessons with my 2 sons for my birthday. We had a great time. My kids did very well. Me, well, not so great. Our instructor was Caleb.... read more

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