Surf Camp during Covid-19

Surf Camp is an incredible activity for kids and teenagers that want to learn how to surf or improve their surfing skills.
It is fun and economical way for your kids to have a full surfing experience and meet other kids and teenagers with the same goals.

Your kids can learn how to surf, enjoy the outdoors and make friends!

Kids don’t need to know how to surf to enroll in our surf camp. Our learning programs are adapted to the level of each one. From kids that know nothing about surfing to the ones that already have experience in the ocean and want to learn new skills.

We range from 6 year-old kids to 17 year-old teenagers. Surf camps consist in 3-day or 5-day camps. During morning and afternoon camp, kids can learn about the fundamentals of surfing, ocean safety, riding skills, among other things, from coaches that love and know everything about the sport. All of our surf instructors are water safety, first aid, and CPR certified. Pacific Surf School follows every criterion to make the surf camp safe and fun!

During the Covid-19 crisis we are still running our surf camp!

We find important for kids to keep active and have outdoor experiences. So, we extended our program that happens only in summer to all year long. Pacific Surf changed all safety protocols to make it safer for the kids and our staff. We are holding surf camp primarily in Mission Beach or Pacific Beach. Great locations for surf camp with spread out areas. We also make sure we are disinfecting all of our equipment constantly, and having students and instructors wear masks outside the water.

Our main priority is for our students to learn how to surf and improve their skills being safe and having a great time.

Check out our page, book this experience for your kid!

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