Surf Camp in Nicaragua

Surfers around the world are in constant search of less crowded waters with some epic surf to hone their skills. Nicaragua offers exactly this with its multitude of easier inner reef breaks for surfers improving their abilities, as well as some incredible outer reef breaks that can challenge even the most adept surfers. Beach Breaks provide fun for all skill levels as well. Attending a surf camp in Nicaragua allows surfers to take their surfing to the next level!

Popoyo should be highlighted on any surfers map of ‘where to travel’ as its reputation as a surfing mecca in the Central Americas precedes itself. Residing in the region of Tola, Popoyo caters to all skill levels with waves sheltered within Beginner’s Bay, earning its name for obvious reasons, as well as the magnificent waves along the reefs of Playa Santana.

If you are seeking some world-class barrels in warmer waters, look no further than Playa Colorados. Housed within Hacienda Iguana, Playa Colorados is a more exclusive area to access, keeping the lineup nice and mellow for the intense waves that move through the area. The deepwater swell in this zone is ideal for anyone looking for tubes without being crushed into a shore break.

With many spots inviting year-round offshore winds, you can be certain that a surf trip to Nicaragua will be the experience of a lifetime. Pacific Surf School offers a year-round Surf Camp experience in Nicaragua. If you are interested in checking out options for our Surf Camp services in the area, check out

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