Photo Packages

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime!

In addition to the best surfing lessons, we offer professional photos during your surfing session so that you can look back on them, have bragging rights on social media and share them with others for years to come. Check out below for more information.

One of our Professional Photographer’s are there to capture every awesome moment of you and your group’s first time surfing! Our photographers are equipped with state of the art cameras with high zoom lens and quick turn over of sending your photos. All photos come in High Resolution without any watermarks, which means you can download, email, print in large print, even upload them directly to social media.

One Person

40-50 photos

two people

SAVE $10 | 70-80 photos
$40 / Per person

three people

SAVE $30 | 90-100 photos
$30 / Per person

Four People

SAVE $60 | 100+ photos
$25 / Per person

Five People

SAVE $100
$20 / Per person
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