Pacific Surf Adventure Van Experience!

Coming to our main location in Pacific Beach San Diego, Pacific Surf School now offers the ultimate surf trip experience. Whether you are looking for a roomie sleeper with plenty of room for surfboards and gear for an easy going trip up the coast, or a romantic getaway in an option with a full bathroom and living amenities, our Adventure Vans will provide you with the perfect mobile headquarters for your vacation.

Our simple option is a more minimal van with a hollowed out back end. It includes a bed and ample room for travel items. If you’re looking to jam up and down the coast chasing swells and living the low maintenance lifestyle, the simple van is right for you. Surfers who just want to roll around in a bit of style with all of their cargo and full quivers assembled won’t miss another epic swell!

The luxury option offers the epitome of comfort with a full shower and bathroom. We have spared no expense to design “the-dream-on-wheels”. If you and your special someone have been seeking an easy romantic excursion look no further than Pacific Surf’s Luxury Van Experience. You know what they say, couples who surf together… are just way cooler than couples who do not. Delay no further, pack your bags and book your luxury adventure experience with Pacific Surf.

The Mercedes sprinter vans provided have very low mileage and are in excellent condition, ensuring your safety and comfort throughout the journey. Passenger seats can be included in the rental for family trips as well. Guides and tours will be available upon request as well. With only two of these incredible vehicles  available, we recommend you book as soon as possible before it’s too late!

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