Perfect Gifts for Surfers

This time of year can be stressful for us all, and trying to find the perfect gift can be all but impossible. Hopefully this article will provide you with some suggestions to help find the surfer in your life a stoking present. 

Surfboard Wax

One thing every surfer cannot go without. An abundance of surf wax will surely put a smile on any surfer’s face. Be warned, the smell of a fresh bar of wax can get a surfer so riled up that they run out the door and hit the waves before the stockings are done. I recommend opening this last.

Surfboard Leash

Surfers could always use a leash upgrade. Leashes can get pretty beat up and break over time. You do not want to allow the surfer you know and love to be stuck in heavy conditions without a good leash, trust me. 

Surfing Lessons

I happen to know a place. Seriously though, surfing lessons can benefit surfers of all abilities and skill levels. There are always things to improve on, and paddling out with a professional surf coach will provide an insight to what these things are. It is different for each individual, and a surf coach will personalize every student’s surfing lesson to ensure their safety and comfort while they progress. 


Electric bicycles, or E-bikes, have exploded onto the surfing scene in recent years. Every surfer wants a sweet looking e-bike with a surf rack to cruise the beach and search for waves. is the number one online resource for all things electric bicycles. Use the link below to check out their inventory!


Wrinkle prevention is always appreciated. Dealing with burns is no fun either. Picking up a few tins or sticks of reef safe mineral sunscreen is the right choice every year! 

I hope this list is helpful to find the right gifts for the surfer in your life. I also hope my mother reads this before I end up with another sweater. 

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