Skateboarding to Surfboarding

Trade that skateboard in for a surfboard!!

If you’ve been a skater for a while and are tired of the scrapes and bruises from the pavement, why not trade that skateboard in for a surfboard. That’s not to say the ocean is more forgiving than the pavement but you would be surprised as to how easily you will be able to pick up surfing with a little skating background. Let me elaborate… Many aspects of skating, whether you’re used to cruising the boardwalk, showing off your tricks at the skate park or it’s just your form of transportation, translate to surfing.

The first being balance.

Your “footing” or “stance” is most often the same as on a surfboard. Whether you are goofy footed or regular you will probably resort to the same foot placement on a surfboard that you do on a skateboard.

The next being weight distribution.

On a skateboard the way you distribute your weight to the front or back of your board affects your speed and motion. Leaning forwards, backwards, side to side effects the movement of the board.

And lastly, the vibes.

Skaters and surfers carry a similar cool vibe with them wherever they go. There is a certain “pizzazz” to what they do and they know it. Maybe it’s the shaggy hair flip or just the confidence of knowing they’re doing something not everyone can do. Regardless, surfers and skaters carry a certain aura with them wherever they go.

Types of skateboard we would recommend:

Surfstick by CarveUSA:

This board rides similar to a high performance short board.

 Apex 37 by Original Skateboards:

This board rides similar to a performance fish or a micro short board.

Photo by Sam Trotman on Unsplash

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