During The Pandemic, Should We Be Surfing?

If you are a surfer or want to learn how to surf you may have asked yourself: During the COVID-19 pandemic, should we or shouldn’t we be surfing?
Fleeing the “fake news” and the beach side opinions, we decided to search for accurate information and find out what the experts say about surfing during the new Coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Marcelo Baboghluian, a doctor who works in sports medicine and with professional surfers, has the following opinion: Surfing is an individual sport, and like any other, when practiced alone outdoors it is a safe activity. An important fact is that the new Coronavirus does not survive in the salt water and there are also no reports of transmission across the ocean. Although, when in the water people also should avoid social contact and stay 6-feet from each other.

It is ideal to keep physical exercises during this quarantine, staying active. Also, it is crucial to be careful about not being the person who will take the virus into your home, especially if you live with people over 60 with diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and pulmonary diseases. Dr. Baboghluian also advises: if you have the flu, don’t surf, whatever the virus. Take some time to rest. In addition, if the circulation of people is prohibited on your beach, do not surf. Be an example for your community.

By constantly being exposed to the sun, surfers can have better immunity and health. A study by scientists at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland shows that vitamin D, in healthy people, plays a crucial role in helping to fight infections, but in people with autoimmune diseases, they can begin to attack the body’s own tissues, doing harm.

After learning all of this we can come to the following conclusion: Surfing is okay as long as you are in good health, out of the crowd, keeping away from another surfer and on beaches that are not restricted. It is of most importance to always take the greatest hygienic precautions, using hand sanitizer and a protective mask.

If you desire to learn how to surf, we in Pacific Surf are taking all the health safety measures to ensure that our students and instructors are being taken care of. Access our website and check our surf lesson options.

Take care and good waves!

Photo by Laura Cortesi on Unsplash

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