Man surfing big wave in Hawaii

The History of Surfing in Hawaii

The History of Surfing in Hawaii – How it All Started Are you interested in the history of surfing in Hawaii? Do you ever wonder how this popular water sport became almost synonymous with this beautiful island in the Pacific? You don’t need to search far and wide for answers! In this blog, you will

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Surf Injuries

Most Common Surfing Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Most Common Surfing Injuries and How to Avoid Them Back in the day, surfers were bohemians, hair down to their shoulders, clad in nothing but old shorts. Shirts and shoes were for special occasions. They didn’t need them. Life played out in the sand and the water. All they needed was their board and the

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Surfer riding big wave

Tips for Big Wave Surfers

Tips for Big Wave Surfers There are surfers, and there are surfers. There are waves, and there are waves. We ride the foam. They ride the curves, the barrels, the titans. The water barely reaches over our heads. They traverse rippling walls. We’re both skilled and capable of doing something most people only dream of,

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Surfer carries board with fins and leash

Safety Equipment for Surfers

If you want to be a surfer, you’re going to have to accept that surfing isn’t always safe. That’s the sacrifice we make for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Accidents do happen, and they can’t always be avoided. That doesn’t mean that we can’t take precautions. If we’re careful, we can avoid most hazards. But we

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Calm blue waves, bright background

San Diego’s Best Surf Spots: La Jolla

With so much of San Diego life centered around the water, it makes sense that there’d be one, supreme aquatic hub, where everything we love about the ocean and the sand can be found in a single place. That place is La Jolla. With hidden beaches and coves, world class snorkeling, surfing, and rare glimpses

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San Diego’s Best Surf Spots: Pacific Beach

Imagine sitting cross-legged around a bonfire, staring up at the stars while you listen to the waves crashing into the shore in the distance. Perhaps you’d like a more eventful evening. You could get dressed up, catch a couple of drinks, then stumble along the boardwalk, laughing with your friends. It should come as no

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San Diego’s Best Surf Spots

San Diego’s Best Surf Spots: Black’s Beach

It has been said that some places in this world are just strange–not necessarily because of the strange people that congregate there, or the strange events that transpire. It’s like the land itself is a magnet for everything weird, collecting eccentricities and showcasing them for passersby to gawk and wonder. Black’s Beach is one of

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Waves in San Diego

Where to Find the Biggest Waves in San Diego

These are the waves that we dream of, towering beasts rushing towards the sand, tunnels so tall you can’t touch the top. They’re the reason surfing is as much a spectator sport as it is an athletic endeavor. We can dream of taking on those breaks, but we know they require nuance and skill well

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7 Amazing Benefits of Learning to Surf

7 Amazing Benefits of Learning to Surf

If you’re a San Diego resident, it’s time to give surfing a shot. You may not know it, but you’re living in one of the best places in the US for surfing! Maybe learning to surf has never crossed your mind, and having access to gorgeous beaches and great waves doesn’t compel you to get out there.

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