Waves in San Diego

Where to Find the Biggest Waves in San Diego

These are the waves that we dream of, towering beasts rushing towards the sand, tunnels so tall you can’t touch the top. They’re the reason surfing is as much a spectator sport as it is an athletic endeavor. We can dream of taking on those breaks, but we know they require nuance and skill well

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Reasons to Try Surfing in San Diego

California is one of the few meccas of surfing worldwide. If you’ve heard of surfing in California, then surfing in San Diego comes to mind. With beautiful beaches and breaks for all levels of surfing, learning to surf in San Diego is one of the smartest choices you can ever make. Are you still wondering

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When Is the Best Time to Surf in California?

Surfing during the right time of the day and in the right season can make your surf experience much more enjoyable. No one wants to surf in cold, choppy conditions and have a terrible time out on the water. Although Southern California has a reputation for being sunny year-round and usually always has consistent waves,

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Ready to Ride the Waves? 10 Useful Surfing Tips for Beginners

Do you want to learn to surf, but don’t know how to get started? It can feel intimidating when you’re learning how to surf. You need to figure out important things such as understanding where to catch waves, choosing the right gear, and knowing the proper etiquette while out on the water.  Many people never end

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Avoid a Wipeout: Determining the Right Surfboard Size for You

Did you know that surfing was added to the Olympics in 2020? This shows you how popular surfing is becoming as a worldwide sport. There are 2.874 million surfers in the United States alone and an estimated 35 million worldwide. Are you fascinated by the ocean and the surf and interested in conquering it by surfing? If

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Top 7 Reasons To Try Surfing

The pandemic was a kick in the pants for a lot of people. They realized that they hated their jobs, didn’t want to be surgically attached to Netflix, or wanted more. Some realized all of the above. That’s why so many people chose to learn to surf during the pandemic, and more are learning every

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Before You Book Surf Lessons in San Diego

Is surfing a sport you have always wanted to try? In addition to working out the body, riding a wave is an exercise for the mind and the soul. Besides, the fun-filled activity provides tremendous therapeutic benefits for those willing to learn to surf. Before shopping for surfing gear, make a point of booking surf

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Beginner Friendly Surf Spots in San Diego

Do you need some vacation time? Then let’s surf up! Explore the best surf spots in the most beautiful city in the world – San Diego. San Diego has some true adventure waiting for you; a paradise for surfers. Home to one of the most thrilling and world-renowned surf sites – San Diego is known

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Surfing 101 Surf Etiquette

Observing the correct surf etiquette keeps you from injuries. Besides, observing surfing etiquette protects other beach users. Therefore, before you set foot on the beach for your surfing lessons, take time to learn the important surf etiquette.  This post highlights surfing etiquette to guarantee you a safe and fun-filled surf experience.   Know and Stick To

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