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Your favorite surf coaches are now offering an afterschool program for stoked groms looking to get the most out of their time surfing! Pacific Surf School is looking to build up the future generation of surfers by offering professional sessions with our top instructors. Whether you are a grom looking to advance your skillset for contests, or you are just looking to get out in the water with some friends, our afterschool program will provide an incredible experience!

Pacific Surf School hopes to sharpen young competitive surfers by studying their habits and providing adequate feedback to help them make improvements quickly. Here at Pacific Surf, we train our coaches to analyze each student on the waves and explain in simple terms how to make adjustments to surf better.

Our After School program provides a positive community for any groms to immerse themselves fully into the surf culture for ninety minutes each day. Even if you are a beginner surfer looking to spend more time in the water, our instructors work with all skill levels and focus on assisting each student to achieve their surfing goals.

Build a surfing family here at our Afterschool Surf Team sessions. Make new friends, bring old friends, compete with your buddies for the wave of the day, and learn to appreciate surfing and the ocean on a deeper level. Join us every Tuesday and Thursday after the bell!

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Instagram – @pacificsurfsandiego

Grom Team Rider – Jett Abate – @jett_abate

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