All Surfers Need a Fish Surfboard

The most dynamic shape of any surfboard design is the fish. The fish is an easy shape for a learning surfer to control as opposed to a narrow performance shortboard. It would be very difficult for an individual who is improving their surfing skills to jump from a mid length board to a shortboard. The fish provides a perfect step in between the two levels, easing someone on to a shorter board while providing some extra cushion with the width and paddle power a fish will provide. 

Fish surfboards are often beautiful looking. The retro style of the board is an eye catcher for even non-surfers. The boards are typically conversation pieces as well as being a respected weapon in any lineup. Surfing a fish pays homage to the old school rippers who first paddled out on a swallow tail twin fin decades ago. 

If you are new to surfing, do not let the size of the board intimidate you. If your pop-up is solid and consistent on a bigger board, try your luck with a nice wide fish. You will likely surprise yourself with your ability to perform on something shorter and wider than what is familiar to you. Just be prepared to handle a bit more instability while paddling, and remember to pop-up quickly!

Personally, I love fish boards, and the flowing style of surf that is always effective on this shape. If you are at all curious, hop on a fish and get yourself into a few fun nuggets. I doubt you will be at all disappointed. If you are looking for any helpful tips or advice to improve your ability to ride a fish, or your overall surfing ability, reach out to us here at Pacific Surf!



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