What Is A Hang Ten?

Surfing The Waves

The search for the perfect wave is a goal for almost anyone who’s experienced the thrills and fun of surfing. Many surfers bring the sport’s dedication and perfectionism into their personal lives.

Throughout the surf community, the sport is deemed to be more than it is and many surfers lose themselves in the waves — a way to commune with nature and fully relax, not worrying about the daily grind. Even the best surfer agrees that without the appropriate surfboards, catching the next big wave can be a daunting task.

Hanging Ten

What is a hang ten? In surfing terms, it happens when all ten toes are literally over the nose of the board and are dangling while balancing, and riding on the front of it thus called a hang ten.

How To Hang Ten On A Surfboard

  • For starters, unless you’re riding a longboard, forget all about it and move on to something else as you can’t hang ten on shortboards.
  • A huge wave is what you will need for this. Bide your time, hang back, and acquaint yourself with timing. Don’t worry about perfecting the ultimate hang ten right away; it only needs to be good enough for you to master it.
  • When you catch it, work up on establishing a little speed, cut deep and aim high, as the closer to the crest of the wave you are, the easier it’s going to be to hang ten.
  • When the wave begins to break and the back of your board starts to dig in, inch your way forward on your board.
  • Don’t hesitate and don’t hang around because you’ll require agility and speed at this point but at the same time, you don’t want to overbalance and spill. Simply feel your board and the wave under your feet and move forward with poise, and purpose.
  • Set your eyes on the inner rail, and if all goes well, you’ll be able to hang all ten toes over the nose of your board while the fins are still churning foam behind you.
  • Live in the moment as you surf, so relax. Watch the world and feel the cold, foamy water gushing around you, and when you feel your board start to lose its momentum or balance, push the fins down, ease back and relax, and ride the wave back to the shore.
  • Having done it once, you will want to do it over and over until you get it right, and you know that you’ve done hanging ten properly. So, get back out there, anticipate and ride the next wave, and hang ten once more.

The majority of what you need when you learn to surf is patience and determination. Practice makes perfect and practical learning also plays a big part in your surfing endeavor. Test the waves and your learning as much as you can. Surfing needs plenty of dedication, time, and hard work in practicing hang ten. You will get the hang of it. Enroll and work through a surfing course and get ready to Hang Ten!

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