Why Nicaragua is a Good Place to Surf 

Surfers are always on the lookout for a good place to surf. It is natural to get bored of the same place and to want to experience better waves. If you’re struggling to find a good place then consider Nicaragua.

Located in Central America, Nicaragua is popular among surfers. The country offers scenic views, warm waters, quality food, and a number of beaches for both experienced and novice surfers. 

With 300+ days of offshore winds, it can be an ideal place for surfers. Still not sure, check out four reasons why Nicaragua is a good place to surf:

#1 Affordable

Nicaragua is an affordable destination. Several airlines fly to Nicaragua from California and other states. A return airline ticket will cost you less than $300. Plus, the resorts are also cheap. You can find a beach resort for under $100. 

The currency difference is a major reason why Nicaragua turns out to be economical for US tourists. This is why it turns out to be affordable for surfers as rentals are cheap and most surfing schools also cater to tourists.

#2 Perfect Weather Conditions

The most attractive features of Nicaragua are warm waters and consistent off-shore winds. The average water temperature is 80° Fahrenheit, which is perfect for surfing. 

Nicaragua has a coastline of more than 250 km. It gets only two seasons in the year which are ideal for surfing. It usually rains lightly and at night. In this season the wind gets cooler and the waves are small, hence fit for beginners to start learning. 

In the dry season, the waves are higher and more suitable for experienced surfers. 

#3 Gastronomy

A true Nicaraguan experience involves food. Different from United States, in Nicaragua, they focus in specific spices and preparation of food. It is truly an adventure.

#4 Privacy

The country is largely underrated, hence it doesn’t receive a huge number of tourists. If you’re lucky, you may even have the beach to yourself. Other than this, surfing isn’t all that it’s popular for. You can enjoy water sports, the country’s historic monuments, and amazing food. 

Famous Beaches to Visit in Nicaragua:

Here are some of the country’s most popular surf beaches.

  1. Colorado
  2. Panga Drops
  3. Santana
  4. Salinas Grande
  5. Astillero

 Nicaragua is undoubtedly a good option for surfers but if you’re looking for somewhere closer to home, then check out this Four Best Cities in the US to Learn to Surf article.

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